Monday, December 31, 2007

A Happy New Year and ArEtsy

I grabbed hold of a treasury this morning and wanted to showcase Aretsy again.

So without further ado.....

Oh and heres the link if you want to go straight to it.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! In 08 I hope to get better at the many things I dabble at now, as well as try a few new things. I would also like to lose a little weight, and figure out why my dog is so smelly! *Holding nose, really, they decided to lay at my feet today and smell like they rolled in poo....0-o*

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Here at my house, the tree is trimmed, the fireplace is warm...even though we've now fixed the heater (little happy dance here) and yummy smells are wafting out of the oven.

Ahh Christmas.

I snagged a treasury this morning,

Well back to baking ^-^ Hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiny little rant.

Ok, got one of those great little items I ordered in today and while I think they are great (though a little smaller than I remember thinking they were going to be...but I'm awful at not reading a size, lol) they came in a box with packing peanuts.

Can I just say how much I dispise the things? I don't mind the biodegradable ones, as even if I let the kids use them as art work and somewhere down the line they get tossed *you know, that omg i've got to clean out some of these art projects or I'll be swimming in the piles of paper around here clean outs* they will just melt away.

These are the non bio ones. The funky ones that leave little bits of styro on you that float around your house forever. The ones that squeak.

Sigh. We will use them in a project but I will still feel awful about them. And you know what that means, they will be sitting in my storage boxes until I die, then my kids can look at them and laugh. Hopefully by that time they will have found a way to delete these things without harming other things. 0-o.

Thats all..I'm off my soapbox.

Baby its Cold outside!

Goodness! It's chilly outside today ^-^

Especially since the moter that turns the fan in our heater went out. So while it lights and trys to heat the house...the fan just makes a funny noise and dies.

Thank goodness for our fireplace! Hubb's going to get some more wood as our supply from last year has dwindled since yesterday morning. Our house is very old and no one's replaced the windows, so we get all sorts of drafts. We had just talked about getting the film to cover the windows again the other day and hadn't done it yet. But you can bet as soon as I can get to it those puppies are going to be shrink wrapped!

For now were curling up under blankets, drinking lots of warm drinks like cocoa and tea and keeping the fire stoked. ^-^

Thankfully Hubb's dad is coming down Sat and will be able to fix it, provided they can find a motor for the silly thing. (It's OLD. Trane no longer has the unit on their website old.)

We got our lights up last night so I'll post pictures of that when I get done. It always makes the house look so cozy. Even if it is only 65 in here! ^-~

Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture time!

I decided that even if my family reads my blog....they won't really know what they are getting as I'm only sharing one thing I made with the fabric.

I got the other stuff done...but haven't photographed it yet. So anywho...heres the pincushion I made myself since I screwed up one of the other ideas...and it turned into this! ^-^

Then theres my Christmas Tree. See that candy cane hanging off the left? Thats a hand made knotted one from my grandmother on my dads side. And that fun little snowflake right in the middle? Thats from my grandmother on my mom's side. I have sets of each and neither has made any for years. I love them.

Oh yeah..that ballerina. She's from my mom, I danced for 12 years. Most of that ballet. I'd have a whole tree of ballerina ornaments if I put them all up. She's just my fav.

Then there's my latest painting to list. It's not the newest one I've done, but it's one I never can photograph right. Its a floral grouping. Kind of like a puzzle, I promise to send the key to whomever buys it, it is six 5x5 square canvas blocks. They can hang or sit. though sitting I wouldn't stack them all up right like I have them here. They are propped up against a candle stick. Hence the photoshoping.

Last but not least. Jess. I keep wanting to call her Pim and I get evil looks. She's going up for sale.

Oh by the way...these are all taken in my new photo studio box. Not sure how much I like it actually. I'm having to do a lot of photo shopping to make pictures I would consider good. These just break even. But this is my first time playing with it. The lights are nice. I think I had them too close.

Back to working! I need to wrap some gifts. Not just the ones that came yesterday but also the ones that arrived today! Still more on the way, so don't want to lose something in the mix. ^-^

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot. In one of yesterdays packages, I got the cutest little extra! A bundle of roving in this fab sherbert coloring! Just had to share!

I miss the old days.


You know Wal-Mart is chopping their fabric departments out of their stores. They've already taken it out of some and as they rebuild/remodel the older ones, they are slowly filtering them out. This makes me very sad.

I love one stop shopping places. Don't get me wrong, just like every other gal, I like to shop. When I've got my kids in tow, I'd rather pick it all up in one stop than to have to run to 4 shops to get things. My boys tend to fall asleep in between and then its a hassle to get them to be happy when we get to the new place.

So I started thinking. I miss the Sears Catalog. Not the silly glossy ones they send out these days...if they still do, I'm not a fan of Sears around here....You know what I mean, the old fashioned one you found in those general stores.

Thats what Sam Walton's idea was when he started wal-mart. The good old general store.

I want the real Sears Catalog back. If Wal-Mart's going the way of Target, I want a real general store back.

Call me old fashioned, call me cheep. I'll admit to them both. I just really appreciate a place I can get it all done at once. Especially with the gas prices these days!

Oh and I want those big glass jars with the shiny candies in them back too. While your at it...can I have a soda fountain? Guess I better get started building that small town in the middle of nowhere huh. ^-~

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh My. My mailbox just got overloaded. ^-^

Poor Johnny, our mailman, he was sticking them in the best he could and still had to stack a couple of things on the ledge. *laughs*

So quite a few of the funky fun items I ordered got here today! Now I'm waiting for the next wave. I've found most of my gifts on Etsy this year and couldn't be happier.

Now if I could just finish the ones I'm making....then get them all wrapped. O-o

Oh and I got a great freebie in one! Some wild roving and a big group of cupons for etsy sellers in a team! I know some folks get frustrated with all that extra in their package and just want what they ordered....but I couldn't be happier. ***AaaaahChoo!*** Now If I could just get rid of these sniffles. ^-^

I need a hot bath

Really. Please? What if I bat my eyes and pout my lip? Later you say....I can handle that. ^-^

I snagged a treasury this morning and since a nice warm soak is on my mind...I went with that as a theme.

After the Rush.

Any of these yummy treats for the senses would be welcome in my home. Purr....

I've still been killing my sewing machine, so no new pics yet of anything for the shop. But I am going to try to photograph one or two of the items to share.

Oh and Mimi's new friend Jess. Shes a little bit voodoo and a little bit punk. ^-~

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little bit new necklace

I love adding an old piece of jewelry to a new one. Something about finding a discarded item at a yard-sale,estate sale, or even a thrift store and then giving it new life makes me smile.

I've got a box of broken pieces of jewelery, or things that were considered outdated, or perhaps just not made for that person. The other day a dig through the box brought inspiration. A pair of old clip on earrings and one broken broach soon became a necklace fit for any steampunk/newvictorian garb.

It's fall, its warm and inviting, and yes while I know its winter where most of us are, lingering leaves still remind me of the warm weather that was just a week ago.

No seriously a week ago. Can I have that back please?! Bitter wind and I don't get along. ^-~

*Ps. The model here is the lone pumpkin that has been hanging around since before Halloween. He's just enjoying the view from my porch I suppose. He was lucky, or unlucky how ever you look at it, enough to have escaped my carving excitement and has held a firm standing against the weather and cats. And kids and squirrels and what not. Anywho, he's here to stay 'till he feels like it!*

**Pss. I updated the Mimi post with her picture, so if you want to see what the little scamp looks like, scroll on down ^-^**

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A homemade holiday

Well sorta.

I have quite a few gifts I'm working towards. I always find couples gifts hard. You either buy something for each of them, or do a combined gift. Then who gets to open it? What if one half likes it and the other doesn't. Blah. Oh well, still making them.

Wha? you want to know what I'm making? Tough cookie. I'm not showing til after i gift them ^-^ Because...well I've shared my etsy shop with my family *Who doesn't!* and as I have my blog posted there, I would bet they'd saunter over here. So with the off chance I'd spoil the surprise...I'll be keeping those secrets.

Though believe me, I'll be posting a large post when the gifts reach their homes. ^-~

Oh and on the other secret hand...I've got a project that I'm testing out right now that might just spur a new product! I can't wait to see if it turns out ^-^ *giggles with glee*

With that, I'm off and running toward what looks to be my cowering sewing machine ^-~

Monday, December 3, 2007

Treasury time!

I waited for a treasury today. I popped in to check them out and it was only a few from batch time. So I hung out a bit. Was sure it would crash as there were 410 people watching, but it didn't!

Wasn't really sure what I wanted to make this one about, but ended up typing in Sage and Satin. Satin being for a creamy color as I didn't really think Sage and Cream sounded as nice.

So heres what I came up with.

Boy was cream/satin ever hard to come up with. Mostly body lotions. Which are not always the prettiest photos. Nothing against them, but after 40 or so tops of cream containers....I was out.

Oh and I left the alternates open so you could see what might pop in if someone gets an item purchased. *crosses fingers for folks* Plus its not fair if they don't, then they are just sitting there. -_-

I think it turned out pretty. Hopefully front page material. I think that would just be so cool, to pop open etsy and find my treasury on the front. Shoot or to find myself on the front! I think I'd just keel over. *chuckles*

Friday, November 30, 2007

Boys scarfs

I finished both the boys scarfs right before Thanksgiving. I mean literally. I was sewing Madd's together as I was packing. *laughs*

So heres a pic of the scarfs.

I took old baby clothes and cut them up. Things I didn't want to get rid of because of sentimental value, but didn't see the reason to store. I mean I have a few of their most adorable outfits stored, but I keep finding things I don't want to pass along!

This fabric is one of the outfits I just adored. It was comfy, cool enough to wear outdoors in the spring (our springs are short, so its really a summer) and cute enough to wear where ever! Then it got paint on it at one of my art shows. Kai was trying to help me paint. That didn't work out as well as he'd hoped. Oh well.

They love them which is great, means I'm not fighting two kiddos who don't want to wear scarfs. ^-^

My newest companion

I have been playing with needle felting for a bit now and just finished my second project. She lead me to her.

Started out making a pincushion for my needles and was drawn to another color to add over top. The more I needled the more it became a cute little cube. When finished I said...hmm. Lets make another and make a cute little bear or something. So I made another.

Then I began to make the body. As I worked I noticed more and more I liked the shape of the body. Then I went to add the second color for the main fur color. I started by making a little v of roving near the top of the now egg shaped body. As I wrapped the sides I noticed I liked the look of a full belly but still wanted a heart in the first color. So I went to shape the bottom of the heart. Thats when she struck me. This was no bears body. This was a cute little alien gal.

So I covered the back of her in the outer fur color and left only the two stripes across her front in an x. Then I took a bit of black roving and made her some eyes. Beady little eyes, but with fuzzy eyelashes. Girls gotta be able to wink ya know!^-~

Then I took what was going to be her legs, and made them ears/hair/buns? Something on top. added a little heart earring in black roving and she was finished.

Now I can't leave her alone. Mimi (Thats what she said her name was) is a trouble maker! Rolling around on the table bumping into other supplies. Messing up my ribbon stash and trying her hardest to get off the table and into more trouble. ^-^

I think I need to make her a man or a friend to keep her busy.

I am still working on getting my pictures uploaded from her photoshoot, but for now here's a rough drawing of her.

Sorry for the small pic. the only one I could upload was a photo from my phone. And its tiny. So I traced it in photoshop. Still tiny, but if I blow it up, she's all fuzzy.

OH! and I made a new piece of jewelry, painted a new art piece and wet felted a soap! I'm crafting like crazy over here ^-^.

Well I managed to get Mimi out of the house for a photoshoot. All was going well until she spotted Mr. Pumpkin....

I think she loves him. Hopefully she won't beg to see him all the time. He might leave sooner than she wants.

Finally I got her out to the rock wall to get a good shot, she insisted on laying down. *Sigh* Models. ^-~

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Got a Treasury!

Named it Let it Snow. I had left a window open to the treasury but had forgotten when to check. Then on my way back through my tabs I noticed the box. So I typed as fast as I could ^-^ Didn't have a hard time finding beautiful items related to snow. Snowflakes have always amazed me. Each one is different and the thought that every one I've touched had a separate life from its brethren makes me smile.

Hope you enjoy my treasury. Heres to crossing fingers it makes the front page!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our holiday trip

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at Hubb's parents house. They live way out in the country so the trip is always a pretty one.

There are three trees clumped together that I love to pass under. They make me smile and I call them the sisters. I can just picture them gossiping as they are along one of the main roads. I'm sure they've seen it all.

I've always wanted to photograph them, but we usually have two sleepy boys in the back seat. This time I got lucky as they were in a good mood.

I shot them in both color and sepia. I love the sepia treatment on them, Hubb loves the color. Either way they turned out fun.

Heres the shot I listed as a print. I haven't decided the number of prints I'll make but it will be a limited edition.

*Copyright 2007 Brandy R.*

I wanted the shot to look like an old photo. Something found in a barn where it was stored for years. Perhaps it was in a fire. Who knows, all anyone really knows is that it tells a story. I love story shots. ^-~

Listing like crazy

Just wish I was still creating like crazy! Or at least for you guys. I've been making Christmas gifts for the past few days.

Heres a couple of the things I listed in the past couple of days.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Spiraling...into Christmas

Over the holiday I got the chance to craft a little. Spending time in an area with little to no internet is conducive to crafting. ^-~ I made a group of rings, as well as two new necklaces. I also got a little felting time in, though I won't be selling the first piece and the second is still in production. *Crossing my fingers it turns out like I want it too*

Heres the first necklace I listed.

I'll be listing the rings and the other necklace throughout the weekend. Trying to stretch some things out over time, so I can hopefully get some exposure. ^-^

Oh and heres the first felted piece.

Its the size of an Artist Trading Card, but I don't know that I'll ever really trade it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Updated my banner!

Finally got around to doing something other than tossing a bunch of funky brushes on top of a blue background and made myself a new banner.

It helped starting out with the right size, lol. I did my first one by making my design and then sizing it....not so great. It worked, but wasn't exactly easy. ^-^

So heres the old......

And heres the new! I wanted a splash of color that didn't compete with my jewelry backgrounds.

I like it, tell me what you think? My new avatar is just the swirly/ekio art text on the end. Simple and easy to read. Though since it isn't a sample of my work I don't know that it will draw people in. I guess we will just have to see. ^-^

Now to spiff up this page................^-~

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sheena (My mother) is engaged!

She called me just a few min ago to pop the news. Shes giddy and its so cute. ^-^ She's been married twice before, but neither worked out. She and my Dad were too young and didn't really know what they wanted. My step-dad was......well I don't really know....0-o,I'm just glad ....Just....glad.

She recently met a guy who she probably wouldn't have thrown a second glance to if he hadn't been a friend of a friend. Not that he isn't a good looking guy, he's just a red head and Sheena's never really looked at many red heads. Ya know, you just get those things in your head sometimes.

They got introduced and hit it off from the start. They've been hard to separate since. Well apparently Friday night he gave her a ring. He said, "It's not 'the' ring because that ones still being made, but I wanted you to have a ring." She said its very nice and if its not as pretty as the one thats being made, then that one must be gorgeous!

My sis and Hubb are the two not quite as thrilled about it right now. Princess (sis) was dating a guy who's my age (she's 18) and Sheena told her to stop dating him. Now Princess is angry at Sheena because NewMan is younger than Sheena. Not a ton younger, but enough that it makes Princess mad. Pfft! Get over it girly! Two adults with a small age difference is a good bit different than a teen and a twenty-something hooking up. Blah.

Hubb's thing is that he things they are rushing into things. At which time I tug his ear and remind him of how long it took before we decided we were meant to be. *chuckles* Same exact time period.

Had a good laugh about that one too. While talking to her she mentioned that they had decided on a date that they thought was good. Yeah...One day before Hubb and I's anniversary. She said, Oh no! I didn't remember. I said Chill lady! I'ts all good. Go with it! ^-~

Eeee! I can't wait to help plan. I just hope she isn't rushing into things. I know Hubb and I didn't really rush...but sometimes we feel like we did. (Not that we'd do it different, just that we wish we could have taken longer to plan and work things the way we wanted)

Anywho, just thought I'd share. Fixed my sewing machine and have back up needles as well as oil for the machine. Made one of those cute harimaku...harjamakjuju.....muffin top covers....draft stoppers...thingymabobbers. ^-^ Now I want to make a bunch! So cute.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I think I have a sixth sense for the treasury.

I logged on this morning and saw that the treasury was only min away from 222. So I snagged another one ^-^

Lucky for me, my last one expired an hour before the ability to make a new one popped up.

This time my theme was Rust and Teal. A color combo I wear often as its soothing to me.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Spent last night frustrated.

I wanted to work on some of my sewing projects while I had the free time. Last night was going to be a sewing madhouse. Unfortunately my poor sewing machine said no.....So I didn't get a thing done.

I think it just needs a good oiling but I didn't have any on hand last night, so I plan on grabbing some today. I need that silly machine to work! I've got plans. ^-^

I'm sure it hears that and starts more blue jean material please lady! He he.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Logged on at just the right time tonight to snag a treasury. So I went with a color theme. I love to wear tones of brown in fall and so I went in search of yummy looking browns and creams.

I called it Cream and Coffee...I think.....its something like that. ^-^
Above is the screen shot of it. I love these tones together.

Anywho, off to bed, the rest of the week is work and craft work! Christmas craft mostly, but I've also got to crank out a piece for a local art auction or my Mother will kill me, *laughs* Not to mention the guy who's a friend who's running it.

Princess of Procrastination.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My sewing machine's getting a work out!

I've been filled to the brim with ideas from the November craft along from the blog SewMommaSew. So many fun items that will fit most of the gifts I've been pondering. Which is great!

I've been working on scarfs the past two days, and let me tell you, its fun^-^. I spent yesterday afternoon ripping seams out of some of the baby clothes the boys have grown out of that I just hadn't been able to make myself get rid of. Now they are going to be fabric panels in scarfs. He He. And whats better, the grandparents get to see that we didn't just toss those outfits that they purchased with love.

It's also helping me clean out my fabric drawers. Which means soon I'll get to buy some more! *Hubbs not going to like that, lol. but If I'm using it, he'll get over it*

So don't be surprised if I start listing scarfs. I'm having a hard time only making a couple!

Monday, November 5, 2007


As I've explored the wide world of crafts on Etsy I've found I have a fondness for felt. I've been reading blogs and checking out crafts with this medium and decided recently I wanted to try it out.

Off on the hunt I went. I found that HL had what I needed to get started so I picked up supplies last week. On Fri night I sat down and started a project. So far its been really fun. I made a flat piece so it's just going to hang out around here for a while, but hopefully soon I'll feel confident enough to share some of my creations. Of course that will mean more supplies.....and more time.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now overall. My youngest got a toy stuck in my unruly hair Sat night and I had to cut it out. Plus I have to get something done for an art auction I said I'd donate to, and I've got an urge to sew. Which only happens at night and during naps as my youngest (Kai) is afraid of the sewing machine. *Sigh*

I suppose I'd better go get to work if I wan't to get anything done! He He.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Costumes, Candy, and Cute Kids!

Ah Halloween, the very start of the holiday season. *Well if you don't count when the stores start putting out Christmas stuff in Sept!* I love Halloween. It's wild, kooky and even spooky.

I've always been a big Halloween fan. Once I had kids I knew I was going to be making their costumes as often as I could. About three months ago I came up with the idea that I wanted the boys to be Thing One and Thing Two. Unfortunatly the shops didn't come through for me. No luck on red footed pjs. Oh well.

Recently we started watching a different channel in the afternoons for cartoons. My oldest *Madd* has become a big Superman fan. So Superman he would be. The costume ended up pretty cute and I'm almost positive I'll be leaving that little emblem on the front of his new sweatshirt. Shoot I spent three hours making two of them! I know the cape will be around for a while.

The little guy *Kai* is going to be a dragon. With all the mess, I decided to go with something we already had in the costume box. A friend a while back had given us a dragon costume to play with and it fits Kai nicely.

As for me I try to dress up too, I'll most likely be a pirate. Since its easy and warm. If not that a cat of some sort.

I've been making sets of cat and dog ears. Not sure if I'm going to put them on headbands or put them on clips so you can just clip them in. Either way they are going to be sturdy and fun. I made my first pair hoping for cat ears and got German shepherd instead! he he.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween! I know were going to, but first we have to finish our Jack-o-lanterns!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New pics

Manged to get all the pictures I'd taken of the pieces in my shop off the camera. Been busy working on halloween costumes for my kiddos so I kept forgetting. Now the pics have a common theme, though I haven't finished all the pictures.

I finished a new necklace that I have to photograph now as well as put up my entry for the costume contest. ^-^

I love Halloween. Such fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Question to any of you out there.

I have cards for sale, and cards I plan on doing that will be up for sale. I want to make sure they all get where they are going safe and sound and in the condition I put them in the package in.

Anyone have any tricks they use? I have thought of trying to find those clear packages that they sell single cards in so that I know each card is safe and isn't bothering any of the others. In case of weather accidents. I know that mailmen try to keep things safe, but sometimes things are out of a persons control. Like humidity!

Of course I'm not asking for you to slip me trade secrets ^-^ I'm kinda just hoping for a pointer in the right direction as I'm new to this game.

On another note, what sealant do you card makers use for things drawn on...I'm thinking of doing a set of flowers drawn and shaded in ebony pencils, and would hate to have them smudge because I didn't use the right sealant!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mmmm fall and procrastination.

Honestly I love fall. It brings out the warm sweaters and all those vibrant colors. Deep but vibrant. The breeze starts blowing again and life is good.

Then comes the procrastination. Yep I promise I'm the Queen of it. I have a camera that has shots on the mem card that I haven't taken off to edit yet. Well I take that back, I haven't nagged my husband to take them off the camera yet. *laughs* its really his camera. Mine is dying. And getting him to take them off is like pulling teeth.

I have a table all set up with scraps of cool fabric, piles of buttons, beads and wire.....and yet........I haven't touched them in a week. I've thought about it, and shrugged it off. Story of my life. The funny thing is I hate rushing, so right before a show I rush myself to paint a few new pieces and grab all the supplies I can take so while I'm there I can work.

Anywho, just blowing off some steam. Perhaps a good kick in the butt will get me going again.......anyone want to deliver said kick? *laughs*

Friday, September 28, 2007

Does a little happy dance.

I made my very first sale today! ^-^ Now I'm inspired to get back to work on more pieces. I've been waiting to get new shots taken of the first pieces as well as a couple of new ones I've made since then, but as both cameras were full and I was building a macro studio I haven't had the urge to create a new piece.

Well now I take that back. I got the urge to make a new cuff. Started off and it was looking good....then I needed to close up one end of the liner and the front.....thats where things started going wrong. lol Got it stiched up to a decent point and thought that's just making me grumpy I'll move on and retry that part later. Yeah, riiiiiight. I should have just stopped and come back to it later. *laughs* I had made one like it before when learning what sizes were good and wasn't sure I liked the lineing being as lose as it was. So i was going to stitch it down in a funky pattern. Well, it ended up stitched close but not as cute as I'd hoped. Oh well. I went on to finish the front meaning more stitch lines on the back and decided I wasn't even going to retry the end or work on a clasp. I'll just be a reminder of measurements. *lol*

So I'm off to create, and hopefully I can remember to stop myself if I get grumpy with a project. he he.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Etsy treasury *crosses fingers*

Well the Treasury was down tonight and we had a fun competition for the front page. I chose these items for my entry. The image is a bit small, still trying to figure out how to take a good screen shot. sily browser. ^-^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Still working

I've been playing with my wire and some river stones for the past few days. Got a couple of new pendants done. So as soon as I can get the set up right I'll be taking pictures of them. As for now, I've got my hands on some funky fabrics and some I'm off to make some more fun items!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Not much inspiration over the end of the week, but yesterday was chock full of it!

We took an outing to one of the state parks and climbed a mountain yesterday. I'm very very tired and sore from it but all wound up with ideas. All the rocks and colors of the earth getting ready for fall made me think.

So I'm going to harness that into some new pieces. I took lots of photos so expect some of those to show up to ^-~

Friday, September 14, 2007

Whoot cranking out the stuff tonight!....or I got my camera working, which ever you like.

Worked on getting some decent shots of some items I've been working on tonight and posted them just a bit ago.

Started a whole new section. Jewelry.

First up is a pendant I made just fiddling with wire. I don't use many tools when I'm creating a lot of my wire work is done just with my hands. Hence I like to work with a softer color coated wire. This one came out looking like a bunch of grapes. Only in fall. I added beads and a couple different colors of wire and decided I liked it.

I started playing with one the wooden circle pendants I'd picked up recently and found I wanted to stick with an earthy fall theme. Stuck with the same color of wire and added some brown beads. It's something I can see myself having a hard time parting with.

Then while twirling some wire debating what to make next I discovered I wanted to make a ring.
So I wound and wound and added a pair of beads. After a bit more winding of the wire I found I'd made a comfortable ring I'd wear any comfy day.

Not empty on the creative front for the day I picked up a pen and my stack of card stock. Sketching out a few flowers from my photo collection, I decided I'd make a few sets of cards.
I did one set in plain old paintbrush style marker and one I went all out and painted each flower. The insides I leave blank and on a 5x7 card size they are a fun gift for a friend. I know my grandmother will love a set for Christmas.

Now I'm pooped and going to head to bed. Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope its as creative as today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New painting up!

Just posted this one. It was inspired by a summer field. Tall grass and light rain. Its not visible in the picture but the black is actually textured with a very faint rain effect. Copyright Ekio Art.

Also thought I'd post the photo I have up. Its from a series of pictures of a pavilion i like to visit. I have a bunch of pictures from this place, but this one has always been one of my favorites. I'm only going to make 10 prints of it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Steel Lily

This is my first piece uploaded to Etsy. Its a canvas painting of a lily. Monochrome with layers of black and white shading. 22x28 and on museum canvas.

I love to paint flowers, the lines and imperfections are inspiring to me.

Copyright me! 2006 Don't steal it or I hurts ya!

Recently I found a neat new site.

It's called Etsy. If you've never heard of it, don't feel bad I hadn't until a few days back. Enthralled with all the crafts and creative talent I was seeing I joined up quickly. What better than a place to find great gifts for family and friends that you can't just run to a local store and pick up? Or to showcase your creative talents.

There are so many interesting things and so much I want to buy!!!

This blog will be a short snippet of information about the items I have created. *and cough, cough sell on Etsy* So if you like them, look me up! >>>>>>>>>>>>> check links!

Mainly though this is just to share my latest crafts and art pieces. Hope you enjoy!

*Please bear with me as I learn sizes for this blog. I'm still working things out!*