Monday, October 29, 2007

Costumes, Candy, and Cute Kids!

Ah Halloween, the very start of the holiday season. *Well if you don't count when the stores start putting out Christmas stuff in Sept!* I love Halloween. It's wild, kooky and even spooky.

I've always been a big Halloween fan. Once I had kids I knew I was going to be making their costumes as often as I could. About three months ago I came up with the idea that I wanted the boys to be Thing One and Thing Two. Unfortunatly the shops didn't come through for me. No luck on red footed pjs. Oh well.

Recently we started watching a different channel in the afternoons for cartoons. My oldest *Madd* has become a big Superman fan. So Superman he would be. The costume ended up pretty cute and I'm almost positive I'll be leaving that little emblem on the front of his new sweatshirt. Shoot I spent three hours making two of them! I know the cape will be around for a while.

The little guy *Kai* is going to be a dragon. With all the mess, I decided to go with something we already had in the costume box. A friend a while back had given us a dragon costume to play with and it fits Kai nicely.

As for me I try to dress up too, I'll most likely be a pirate. Since its easy and warm. If not that a cat of some sort.

I've been making sets of cat and dog ears. Not sure if I'm going to put them on headbands or put them on clips so you can just clip them in. Either way they are going to be sturdy and fun. I made my first pair hoping for cat ears and got German shepherd instead! he he.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween! I know were going to, but first we have to finish our Jack-o-lanterns!

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