Monday, November 5, 2007


As I've explored the wide world of crafts on Etsy I've found I have a fondness for felt. I've been reading blogs and checking out crafts with this medium and decided recently I wanted to try it out.

Off on the hunt I went. I found that HL had what I needed to get started so I picked up supplies last week. On Fri night I sat down and started a project. So far its been really fun. I made a flat piece so it's just going to hang out around here for a while, but hopefully soon I'll feel confident enough to share some of my creations. Of course that will mean more supplies.....and more time.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now overall. My youngest got a toy stuck in my unruly hair Sat night and I had to cut it out. Plus I have to get something done for an art auction I said I'd donate to, and I've got an urge to sew. Which only happens at night and during naps as my youngest (Kai) is afraid of the sewing machine. *Sigh*

I suppose I'd better go get to work if I wan't to get anything done! He He.

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