Friday, November 30, 2007

My newest companion

I have been playing with needle felting for a bit now and just finished my second project. She lead me to her.

Started out making a pincushion for my needles and was drawn to another color to add over top. The more I needled the more it became a cute little cube. When finished I said...hmm. Lets make another and make a cute little bear or something. So I made another.

Then I began to make the body. As I worked I noticed more and more I liked the shape of the body. Then I went to add the second color for the main fur color. I started by making a little v of roving near the top of the now egg shaped body. As I wrapped the sides I noticed I liked the look of a full belly but still wanted a heart in the first color. So I went to shape the bottom of the heart. Thats when she struck me. This was no bears body. This was a cute little alien gal.

So I covered the back of her in the outer fur color and left only the two stripes across her front in an x. Then I took a bit of black roving and made her some eyes. Beady little eyes, but with fuzzy eyelashes. Girls gotta be able to wink ya know!^-~

Then I took what was going to be her legs, and made them ears/hair/buns? Something on top. added a little heart earring in black roving and she was finished.

Now I can't leave her alone. Mimi (Thats what she said her name was) is a trouble maker! Rolling around on the table bumping into other supplies. Messing up my ribbon stash and trying her hardest to get off the table and into more trouble. ^-^

I think I need to make her a man or a friend to keep her busy.

I am still working on getting my pictures uploaded from her photoshoot, but for now here's a rough drawing of her.

Sorry for the small pic. the only one I could upload was a photo from my phone. And its tiny. So I traced it in photoshop. Still tiny, but if I blow it up, she's all fuzzy.

OH! and I made a new piece of jewelry, painted a new art piece and wet felted a soap! I'm crafting like crazy over here ^-^.

Well I managed to get Mimi out of the house for a photoshoot. All was going well until she spotted Mr. Pumpkin....

I think she loves him. Hopefully she won't beg to see him all the time. He might leave sooner than she wants.

Finally I got her out to the rock wall to get a good shot, she insisted on laying down. *Sigh* Models. ^-~

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