Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby its Cold outside!

Goodness! It's chilly outside today ^-^

Especially since the moter that turns the fan in our heater went out. So while it lights and trys to heat the house...the fan just makes a funny noise and dies.

Thank goodness for our fireplace! Hubb's going to get some more wood as our supply from last year has dwindled since yesterday morning. Our house is very old and no one's replaced the windows, so we get all sorts of drafts. We had just talked about getting the film to cover the windows again the other day and hadn't done it yet. But you can bet as soon as I can get to it those puppies are going to be shrink wrapped!

For now were curling up under blankets, drinking lots of warm drinks like cocoa and tea and keeping the fire stoked. ^-^

Thankfully Hubb's dad is coming down Sat and will be able to fix it, provided they can find a motor for the silly thing. (It's OLD. Trane no longer has the unit on their website old.)

We got our lights up last night so I'll post pictures of that when I get done. It always makes the house look so cozy. Even if it is only 65 in here! ^-~

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