Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a procrastinator

Means that when big events come up, you tend to rush around. 

Which I don't mind on average. 
Which is why I'm a pro at procrastinating. 

Take for instance, Madd's boy scout uniform. He's a cub scout so they are really just introducing them to the boy scout way. The pack were in is fairly laid back as well so the boys usually just wear their cub scout tee's. Not their blues. 

Yeah, tonight is derby race night. So guess what I spent today doing. 


Thankfully the site has an awesome guide to help parent's put it all in the right spots.

It reminds me, I need to sew some more robots, or monster hats, or robots in monster hats. 

Wait no. Strike that. That's just silly.   

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Glee and no I do not mean the show.

This was me this morning. 
I've been waiting for this day all week, as even though I wasn't going to get to throw a vase of my own...I was so ready to just be in a clay studio! 

Yes, I'm a dork. 

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new craft fun. I always enjoy learning new ways to create. 

The ArEtsy meet and greet was fun, we had a few people there which was fine as it's a a small space. Hoping to have quite a few people more at the next event. I'll be sure to give plenty of notice! 
I enjoyed making new friends and meeting those who came. ^_^ 

My mom "Retro Momma's" got to come and afterwards we enjoyed a light and delish lunch at the Starving Artist Cafe. 

The other crafty fun going on in my house today was boy related. Maddman is a scout and so had to get his pinewood derby racer ready. As we are pretty big Speed Racer fans it was easily decided what the car would be named. 

The Mach 7. Now it looks  in no way as bad as my illustration, it's awesome. The back fin is actually a 7.

So do any of you have derby racers you've just finished? Or did you do anything awesomely crafty today?

* I promise to never try to draw a derby car again, lol. Oh and whoot for two illo's! My tablet and I are starting to get along. ^_~  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yard rolling

= bath time at my house.

As it was so nice here yesterday the dogs got to spend a good bit of the afternoon outdoors. Apparently the cold had been hiding something in the yard that Ben had not found before.

Guess what he found yesterday. Yep, something stinky.
So he rolled in it.

So guess who got a bath. 

Thankfully he doesn't seem to hate me this morning and is super soft. 

*By the way, I'm trying to be a good blogger and blog more often. 
Not all my illustrations will be dog related, but I'm going to try to illustrate one thing each day. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A what?

A friend posted on FB that she knew someone who was trying to rehome an angora bunny.
As a yarn enthusiast {That's a nice word for obsessed} I was immediately interested. 

One email pop to Hubb later and his response was. " The dog's will eat it." 
Which could be true....

I doubt they'd actually eat the sweet little thing, but they would most likely terrorize it a good bit for the first 8000 times they saw it. 

You see we have Newfoundland mixes. One old, one young. Lilly the older girl would probably see it as she does the cats " one of her babies." However. Ben would most likely think of it as a toy. 
A bouncing moving on it's own, interesting smelling toy. 

Which would be bad. So the bun.....yeah, it's a no go.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day

I wish I could have gotten out that first morning and gotten so many pictures of all the ice and snow about the area. But I was dressing two adorkable boys for a snow day. ^_~

And yes, we hitched up the team and went for a sleigh ride. 

The boys reminded me that I needed to make them monster hats. And that monster hats needed to be shared!
On the craft front, if your an ArEtsy member and havent' seen our new blog requests on the aretsy page, or the blog itself {and don't forget to look us up on Facebook and Twitter!} we've got a lot going right now!

On my craft front: Obviously monster hats, robots galore, and perhaps some painting time.
What's on your craft front?