Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture time!

I decided that even if my family reads my blog....they won't really know what they are getting as I'm only sharing one thing I made with the fabric.

I got the other stuff done...but haven't photographed it yet. So anywho...heres the pincushion I made myself since I screwed up one of the other ideas...and it turned into this! ^-^

Then theres my Christmas Tree. See that candy cane hanging off the left? Thats a hand made knotted one from my grandmother on my dads side. And that fun little snowflake right in the middle? Thats from my grandmother on my mom's side. I have sets of each and neither has made any for years. I love them.

Oh yeah..that ballerina. She's from my mom, I danced for 12 years. Most of that ballet. I'd have a whole tree of ballerina ornaments if I put them all up. She's just my fav.

Then there's my latest painting to list. It's not the newest one I've done, but it's one I never can photograph right. Its a floral grouping. Kind of like a puzzle, I promise to send the key to whomever buys it, it is six 5x5 square canvas blocks. They can hang or sit. though sitting I wouldn't stack them all up right like I have them here. They are propped up against a candle stick. Hence the photoshoping.

Last but not least. Jess. I keep wanting to call her Pim and I get evil looks. She's going up for sale.

Oh by the way...these are all taken in my new photo studio box. Not sure how much I like it actually. I'm having to do a lot of photo shopping to make pictures I would consider good. These just break even. But this is my first time playing with it. The lights are nice. I think I had them too close.

Back to working! I need to wrap some gifts. Not just the ones that came yesterday but also the ones that arrived today! Still more on the way, so don't want to lose something in the mix. ^-^

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot. In one of yesterdays packages, I got the cutest little extra! A bundle of roving in this fab sherbert coloring! Just had to share!

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