Friday, September 14, 2007

Whoot cranking out the stuff tonight!....or I got my camera working, which ever you like.

Worked on getting some decent shots of some items I've been working on tonight and posted them just a bit ago.

Started a whole new section. Jewelry.

First up is a pendant I made just fiddling with wire. I don't use many tools when I'm creating a lot of my wire work is done just with my hands. Hence I like to work with a softer color coated wire. This one came out looking like a bunch of grapes. Only in fall. I added beads and a couple different colors of wire and decided I liked it.

I started playing with one the wooden circle pendants I'd picked up recently and found I wanted to stick with an earthy fall theme. Stuck with the same color of wire and added some brown beads. It's something I can see myself having a hard time parting with.

Then while twirling some wire debating what to make next I discovered I wanted to make a ring.
So I wound and wound and added a pair of beads. After a bit more winding of the wire I found I'd made a comfortable ring I'd wear any comfy day.

Not empty on the creative front for the day I picked up a pen and my stack of card stock. Sketching out a few flowers from my photo collection, I decided I'd make a few sets of cards.
I did one set in plain old paintbrush style marker and one I went all out and painted each flower. The insides I leave blank and on a 5x7 card size they are a fun gift for a friend. I know my grandmother will love a set for Christmas.

Now I'm pooped and going to head to bed. Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope its as creative as today!

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