Friday, December 14, 2007

I miss the old days.


You know Wal-Mart is chopping their fabric departments out of their stores. They've already taken it out of some and as they rebuild/remodel the older ones, they are slowly filtering them out. This makes me very sad.

I love one stop shopping places. Don't get me wrong, just like every other gal, I like to shop. When I've got my kids in tow, I'd rather pick it all up in one stop than to have to run to 4 shops to get things. My boys tend to fall asleep in between and then its a hassle to get them to be happy when we get to the new place.

So I started thinking. I miss the Sears Catalog. Not the silly glossy ones they send out these days...if they still do, I'm not a fan of Sears around here....You know what I mean, the old fashioned one you found in those general stores.

Thats what Sam Walton's idea was when he started wal-mart. The good old general store.

I want the real Sears Catalog back. If Wal-Mart's going the way of Target, I want a real general store back.

Call me old fashioned, call me cheep. I'll admit to them both. I just really appreciate a place I can get it all done at once. Especially with the gas prices these days!

Oh and I want those big glass jars with the shiny candies in them back too. While your at it...can I have a soda fountain? Guess I better get started building that small town in the middle of nowhere huh. ^-~

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I am right there with ya thinking this :)