Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great Expectations

Every time I clean off my office/craft room desk I think "With all this space I should have no problem crafting in here..." which almost always proves to be exactly the opposite of what happens. Not to say that I don't do a fair amount of craft work afterwards, just that it's never exactly how I planned it.

I tend to be a couch crafter, I'm always picking my supplies out of my office and scooting back into the living room with my family to watch something while I craft. Meaning that supplies and such litter my desk again and again until I feel the need to clean it off again.

Quite a vicious cycle. However, knowing doesn't mean that I'll change this....you see I'm content to follow this cycle as every time I clean I tend to get new ideas. I think that forcing myself to keep it all more organized would be detrimental to my craft muse. I might just shut it into a box (or tidy little drawer) as well. I love to ooh and ahh over the tidy and adorable ways of organizing craft supplies in magazines, sometimes even thinking, I could use that! I think though, that organized chaos is the best thing for me. How about you?