Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo update

These shots all come from a hike we took this last weekend. The weather had just brought us storms the day before and so the falls we knew would be beautiful. Besides...we hadn't been able to go do this hike in two years.

So off to Petite Jean Mountain we went.
The boys thought the ride up was just too cool, of course we like to yell at cows as we see them, nothing rude, just Hey Cow! Of course, the rocks at the top of the mountain proved to be just as cool.
Afterwards we had to go explore the old building up there.
The wind was high so we managed to get close to a gorgeous butterfly who posed several times. My camera only caught him a couple of those times. The time he landed on Hubb's hand thought it missed. However the boys had fun trying to get a shot with their camera as well.
Afterward we headed over to the climb. We had a quick picnic at the top and the boys sort of posed for a shot for me at the top...
Of course they wanted a pic of me too. (Which...ended up being the stuff behind me. *chuckles*)
The hike was rewarding. There were little falls all down the path. And not just the knee scraping kind. Almost all the places where a large rock was cracked, you found a small waterfall. All converging to the path leading from the main fall at the bottom.
On our way, the boys spotted a rock that they thought looked like a pirate ship. We had to agree, especially with the tree that happened to be right where a mast would!
At the bottom, we got some great shots of the fall itself.
The puffy clouds above us gave us a small sunny shower for about five minutes of our time down there. Which was amazing to see, but not something I could capture in a still. I did get a video of it, but it's very hard to see. The raindrops looked like they were coming off the cliffs surrounding the falls.

The boys made it through the whole hike without a problem, so we took their picture next to the trail sign. We promised that soon we could go hike another trail and they could add it to their Adventure book.

I can't wait for our next excursion.

But first, lol, the paper! (Which if you've not checked out the post below, please do!!!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something New from me to You!

Ok, so I've got some big news! Hubb and I are starting a newspaper!

Yes, yes I know, blogs/sites/twitter and all that have taken a big bite out of the good old print, however were counting on the fact that it's A. free to you to read...and B. going to be a big community resource to help us out.

Now for the part that relates to you artists!
After much whining on my part, Hubb has agreed to add a portion of the paper just for artists! Were going to have a 4 page spread of aggressively priced ads just for artists and art related (shows, gallery spots, etc.) called the Artists Cafe.

Alongside this, we are going to be creating a site that will be linked to the papers main website, and will also be called the Artists Cafe. One more spot for advertising (which is included in the price of the orig. ad in the paper) as well as a bio. Were really hoping this spot will increase your sales.

Now here's what I need from you guys...... Yes you knew there was a catch right...^-~ Nothing much, just a comment about your thoughts!

I'd love to know what you think of the idea and if you'd be interested in a spot.

Each ad will be business card sized and will be $50. We will be circulating 10k copies in the first issue and are going to up circulation with the second printing. At the moment we are looking to have our first printing out as a very special edition to hand out at Riverfest!

If you don't mind, send this out to all artists in Arkansas that you know, I know there are a good number of us in the etsy group (and I'll be posting this to the yahoo group) but I can count on my hand at least (if not more) several artists in Arkansas who aren't an etsy member. The more the word gets out the better chance you've got of keeping this new artist resource growing!