Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My sewing machine's getting a work out!

I've been filled to the brim with ideas from the November craft along from the blog SewMommaSew. So many fun items that will fit most of the gifts I've been pondering. Which is great!

I've been working on scarfs the past two days, and let me tell you, its fun^-^. I spent yesterday afternoon ripping seams out of some of the baby clothes the boys have grown out of that I just hadn't been able to make myself get rid of. Now they are going to be fabric panels in scarfs. He He. And whats better, the grandparents get to see that we didn't just toss those outfits that they purchased with love.

It's also helping me clean out my fabric drawers. Which means soon I'll get to buy some more! *Hubbs not going to like that, lol. but If I'm using it, he'll get over it*

So don't be surprised if I start listing scarfs. I'm having a hard time only making a couple!

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