Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poppets and Steampunk and Swaps Oh My

Lately I've been crafting more for other people rather than for my shop. (which is like me saying....I'm in a slump -_-)

But I've had fun with it!
1st swap I did recently was a 44c swap. I may start one of these for our ArEtsy group soon as it's so simple and fun!
The deal was you had to see how much you could fit into a standard envelope and mail for just 44c. No overages, must be machinable, etc.
So here was my envelope!

I drew my first ever sugar skull and sent some fabric, embroidery floss, as well as several other things. 
And heres the awesomeness I received!

2nd swap was a Multi Themed Steampunk swap. Which I adored. I haven't gotten my goodies yet as it's still early in the swap but as I was raring to go on this one I sent wayyy early. And my partner received yesterday!
So here's the goodies I sent her including my newest Poppet!
The other items are a sleep mask (which is filled with a cold remedy herb mix) a journal and a pair of earrings. 
Plus, my big guy turned 6 this past weekend!
He asked for a pirate themed cake again this year. But was very specific that it needed a coconut tree, monkeys, to be an island with a pirate ship crashed on it and have a map. lol.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Capture Arkansas

Is up and running agian!
This time I've entered several photos and toughed it out til now hoping to garner enough interest without heavy promotion.
So now as the time for printing grows near, I ask for your votes!
I don't mind if you don't like them, feel free to vote how you feel! If you think it's book worthy I'd be honored. If not, thank's for your input. No really I mean it. I like knowing.

You'll have to join, but with all those amazing photos on the site from all around the lovely state of Arkansas, who wouldn't want to take a little trip! ^-~