Friday, September 28, 2007

Does a little happy dance.

I made my very first sale today! ^-^ Now I'm inspired to get back to work on more pieces. I've been waiting to get new shots taken of the first pieces as well as a couple of new ones I've made since then, but as both cameras were full and I was building a macro studio I haven't had the urge to create a new piece.

Well now I take that back. I got the urge to make a new cuff. Started off and it was looking good....then I needed to close up one end of the liner and the front.....thats where things started going wrong. lol Got it stiched up to a decent point and thought that's just making me grumpy I'll move on and retry that part later. Yeah, riiiiiight. I should have just stopped and come back to it later. *laughs* I had made one like it before when learning what sizes were good and wasn't sure I liked the lineing being as lose as it was. So i was going to stitch it down in a funky pattern. Well, it ended up stitched close but not as cute as I'd hoped. Oh well. I went on to finish the front meaning more stitch lines on the back and decided I wasn't even going to retry the end or work on a clasp. I'll just be a reminder of measurements. *lol*

So I'm off to create, and hopefully I can remember to stop myself if I get grumpy with a project. he he.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Etsy treasury *crosses fingers*

Well the Treasury was down tonight and we had a fun competition for the front page. I chose these items for my entry. The image is a bit small, still trying to figure out how to take a good screen shot. sily browser. ^-^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Still working

I've been playing with my wire and some river stones for the past few days. Got a couple of new pendants done. So as soon as I can get the set up right I'll be taking pictures of them. As for now, I've got my hands on some funky fabrics and some I'm off to make some more fun items!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Not much inspiration over the end of the week, but yesterday was chock full of it!

We took an outing to one of the state parks and climbed a mountain yesterday. I'm very very tired and sore from it but all wound up with ideas. All the rocks and colors of the earth getting ready for fall made me think.

So I'm going to harness that into some new pieces. I took lots of photos so expect some of those to show up to ^-~

Friday, September 14, 2007

Whoot cranking out the stuff tonight!....or I got my camera working, which ever you like.

Worked on getting some decent shots of some items I've been working on tonight and posted them just a bit ago.

Started a whole new section. Jewelry.

First up is a pendant I made just fiddling with wire. I don't use many tools when I'm creating a lot of my wire work is done just with my hands. Hence I like to work with a softer color coated wire. This one came out looking like a bunch of grapes. Only in fall. I added beads and a couple different colors of wire and decided I liked it.

I started playing with one the wooden circle pendants I'd picked up recently and found I wanted to stick with an earthy fall theme. Stuck with the same color of wire and added some brown beads. It's something I can see myself having a hard time parting with.

Then while twirling some wire debating what to make next I discovered I wanted to make a ring.
So I wound and wound and added a pair of beads. After a bit more winding of the wire I found I'd made a comfortable ring I'd wear any comfy day.

Not empty on the creative front for the day I picked up a pen and my stack of card stock. Sketching out a few flowers from my photo collection, I decided I'd make a few sets of cards.
I did one set in plain old paintbrush style marker and one I went all out and painted each flower. The insides I leave blank and on a 5x7 card size they are a fun gift for a friend. I know my grandmother will love a set for Christmas.

Now I'm pooped and going to head to bed. Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope its as creative as today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New painting up!

Just posted this one. It was inspired by a summer field. Tall grass and light rain. Its not visible in the picture but the black is actually textured with a very faint rain effect. Copyright Ekio Art.

Also thought I'd post the photo I have up. Its from a series of pictures of a pavilion i like to visit. I have a bunch of pictures from this place, but this one has always been one of my favorites. I'm only going to make 10 prints of it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Steel Lily

This is my first piece uploaded to Etsy. Its a canvas painting of a lily. Monochrome with layers of black and white shading. 22x28 and on museum canvas.

I love to paint flowers, the lines and imperfections are inspiring to me.

Copyright me! 2006 Don't steal it or I hurts ya!

Recently I found a neat new site.

It's called Etsy. If you've never heard of it, don't feel bad I hadn't until a few days back. Enthralled with all the crafts and creative talent I was seeing I joined up quickly. What better than a place to find great gifts for family and friends that you can't just run to a local store and pick up? Or to showcase your creative talents.

There are so many interesting things and so much I want to buy!!!

This blog will be a short snippet of information about the items I have created. *and cough, cough sell on Etsy* So if you like them, look me up! >>>>>>>>>>>>> check links!

Mainly though this is just to share my latest crafts and art pieces. Hope you enjoy!

*Please bear with me as I learn sizes for this blog. I'm still working things out!*