Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little froggy guy got featured ^-^

The very sweet littlewishes contacted me and said, Hey chicka! I put you in a treasury ^-~ Ok perhaps not those words, but you get what I mean.

It was a cute frog treasury!

So cute, I just love them all. I've always had a fondness for frogs.

Anywho, thought I'd share my joy.

Back to work, I'm trying to get lots done this week so that next week while the kiddos are away at VBS and staying with their grandparents, I can do some serious fun stuff. Like painting a room, and actually hanging pictures without worrying about waking the kiddos or a little someone trying to help out. ^-~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whats going on my house...with the crazy folks.

Worked on my front porch mostly yesterday, lol you should have seen me out there. We get the most spiders ever I promise! Must be something attracting them to my front door, it's crazy, and boy am I ever scared of them. So there I was whacking my broom around the front porch trying to get rid of them all. I kept thinking there was one on me and jumping. I'm sure all the neighbors were laughing. I'm just glad to have reclaimed my porch again. (I have to do this like once a week or they take over!)

I'm grouchy at my neighbors anyway and so the whacking of cobwebs was good for me. They cut down two trees in the past two days. For no reason. Not encroaching on their houses or bothering power lines, not even sick or anything. I'm not sure if they got a two for one deal or what, but it was nuts. It was two older ladies right next to each other and they chopped down the only tree in each of their front yards. The one had a swing out under her tree and so now I'm not sure if she'll be enjoying the heat or what. Oh well, their choice, I'll just be laughing when their bills go up.

I'm not very nice when it comes down to it am I? lol.

Anywho, that was my day, and I'm off to do some more work today, I really want a clean house and I'm getting tired of stepping on blocks....the boys may not like me later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yart Sale!!!!!!!

I've joined the fun of the Yart Sale and marked some of my listings down to 50% off. So if you've had your eye on anything, head on over!

Ok, now I'm done with my silly sales pitch. I always feel like a dork typing those out or saying them. Even when I worked in retail framing and had to write the silly things out for both myself and others to say over the speaker system, I felt silly.

I've always felt similar to a barker at a carnival. But I suppose thats what sales is all about really.

So yeah, if you don't mind, hop on over to my etsy shop (you can just click that cute little box of photos on the side) and see if theres something that strikes your fancy.

Thanks for looking!

**Oh and please ignore how messed up the lettering and sizing is on this post, apparently Blogger hates me today, lol. I'll try to fix it again in a bit. ****

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not so peaceful anymore.

Can I just scream? I really feel like it. Shrieking all over the house would be nice. Or yelling obscenities would work too. Kids are still up though.

Heres why.

My oldest (nearly 4) just opened the door for some guy. I had taken the dogs out back because were still watching Diamond to make sure she doesn't go rolling in yucky stuff. Well apparently Madd thought he'd just open the door for who ever this was that knocked. I had forgotten to lock the chain at the top when I came back in from taking a bag to the trash earlier.

The guy seemed nice enough, just down on his luck and looking to make some cash for rent by doing odd jobs, but jeeze!

So we just had a sit down talk about strangers. We've had them before but apparently not enough that he didn't think twice about opening the front door. I was nearly shaking trying to tell the guy I didn't have anything I could have him do around the house.

The guy backed off quickly when Lilly our newf mix came running toward the door as I did. Sometimes I wish she wasn't so aggressive toward the door, like when our friends come over, but I'm sure glad for her right now.

I promised a more peaceful post

And whats more peaceful than flowers?
I snapped some shots of the flowers outside while our family reunion ebbed. They were doing clean up and I had a cranky kiddo. So outside we went!

There were lots of flowers to photograph but the grouping of red poppy(poppies?) caught my eye first. They've always been one of my favorite flowers. ^-^
There were several metal crosses scattered through the little seating garden and I loved their rusty texture.

And last but not least, I found this little guy snug as a bug (well perhaps waiting for one) in a great big plant. He was too cute to pass by without snapping a few shots.
**Please don't swipe my photos. I've not watermarked the snap out of them because I dislike seeing words in front of an image. So please, please, if you want to use them, contact me and we'll talk. I don't bite! *

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My recent beef with Etsy

In all honesty I think Etsy is the coolest thing.

Lately however I've seen some things I've not liked.

Example One.
The head honcho of Etsy recently stated that no matter how much sellers asked for something to be changed, they heard but weren't changing it.

Example Two.
In that same day said head honcho belittled a seller because she mentioned that gas prices were rising and that it hurt her bottom line. He told her to "watch out"
*Uh yeah, ok, you live in NY, walk most places or take a cab........what do you know about how much gas prices are hurting your average american?*
He also mentioned that he'd worked hard in his life for little pay. Then he mentioned a couple of his jobs and pay scale for one. Both were no where near minimum wage for their time period.

Example Three.

This just happened a moment ago so it's still fresh and makes me grouchy.
We the sellers/buyers/forum goers were having a discussion about a certain product that was under some scrutiny as of late. There was no hate, no bashing, just debate over some things that well, just about everyone who makes something and sells it will have to deal with in their life. No biggie right.

Commonly found out info was posted in the thread, ie: something that we all could have found easily by contacting the company or just looking their info up online. (I have a feeling I know who went and griped about it to the mods, but I'm not stating names as I'm not going that route) Other than that the thread had been nothing but banter back and forth over an issue that was highly informative to me personally and others as I could tell from their responses.

Admin shut it down.

Now if someone starts another thread with anything to do with that last one, it'll get shut down fast.

I don't usually gripe about the forums because there is always so much going on in there, but this one just bothered me.

Oh well, not much I can do about it, at least for now.

Anywho, I'll be back with a more peaceful post later. Some new photos I'm going to offer up for print ^-^