Friday, September 28, 2007

Does a little happy dance.

I made my very first sale today! ^-^ Now I'm inspired to get back to work on more pieces. I've been waiting to get new shots taken of the first pieces as well as a couple of new ones I've made since then, but as both cameras were full and I was building a macro studio I haven't had the urge to create a new piece.

Well now I take that back. I got the urge to make a new cuff. Started off and it was looking good....then I needed to close up one end of the liner and the front.....thats where things started going wrong. lol Got it stiched up to a decent point and thought that's just making me grumpy I'll move on and retry that part later. Yeah, riiiiiight. I should have just stopped and come back to it later. *laughs* I had made one like it before when learning what sizes were good and wasn't sure I liked the lineing being as lose as it was. So i was going to stitch it down in a funky pattern. Well, it ended up stitched close but not as cute as I'd hoped. Oh well. I went on to finish the front meaning more stitch lines on the back and decided I wasn't even going to retry the end or work on a clasp. I'll just be a reminder of measurements. *lol*

So I'm off to create, and hopefully I can remember to stop myself if I get grumpy with a project. he he.

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