Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little bit new necklace

I love adding an old piece of jewelry to a new one. Something about finding a discarded item at a yard-sale,estate sale, or even a thrift store and then giving it new life makes me smile.

I've got a box of broken pieces of jewelery, or things that were considered outdated, or perhaps just not made for that person. The other day a dig through the box brought inspiration. A pair of old clip on earrings and one broken broach soon became a necklace fit for any steampunk/newvictorian garb.

It's fall, its warm and inviting, and yes while I know its winter where most of us are, lingering leaves still remind me of the warm weather that was just a week ago.

No seriously a week ago. Can I have that back please?! Bitter wind and I don't get along. ^-~

*Ps. The model here is the lone pumpkin that has been hanging around since before Halloween. He's just enjoying the view from my porch I suppose. He was lucky, or unlucky how ever you look at it, enough to have escaped my carving excitement and has held a firm standing against the weather and cats. And kids and squirrels and what not. Anywho, he's here to stay 'till he feels like it!*

**Pss. I updated the Mimi post with her picture, so if you want to see what the little scamp looks like, scroll on down ^-^**

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