Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mmmm fall and procrastination.

Honestly I love fall. It brings out the warm sweaters and all those vibrant colors. Deep but vibrant. The breeze starts blowing again and life is good.

Then comes the procrastination. Yep I promise I'm the Queen of it. I have a camera that has shots on the mem card that I haven't taken off to edit yet. Well I take that back, I haven't nagged my husband to take them off the camera yet. *laughs* its really his camera. Mine is dying. And getting him to take them off is like pulling teeth.

I have a table all set up with scraps of cool fabric, piles of buttons, beads and wire.....and yet........I haven't touched them in a week. I've thought about it, and shrugged it off. Story of my life. The funny thing is I hate rushing, so right before a show I rush myself to paint a few new pieces and grab all the supplies I can take so while I'm there I can work.

Anywho, just blowing off some steam. Perhaps a good kick in the butt will get me going again.......anyone want to deliver said kick? *laughs*

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