Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A homemade holiday

Well sorta.

I have quite a few gifts I'm working towards. I always find couples gifts hard. You either buy something for each of them, or do a combined gift. Then who gets to open it? What if one half likes it and the other doesn't. Blah. Oh well, still making them.

Wha? you want to know what I'm making? Tough cookie. I'm not showing til after i gift them ^-^ Because...well I've shared my etsy shop with my family *Who doesn't!* and as I have my blog posted there, I would bet they'd saunter over here. So with the off chance I'd spoil the surprise...I'll be keeping those secrets.

Though believe me, I'll be posting a large post when the gifts reach their homes. ^-~

Oh and on the other secret hand...I've got a project that I'm testing out right now that might just spur a new product! I can't wait to see if it turns out ^-^ *giggles with glee*

With that, I'm off and running toward what looks to be my cowering sewing machine ^-~

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