Monday, December 3, 2007

Treasury time!

I waited for a treasury today. I popped in to check them out and it was only a few from batch time. So I hung out a bit. Was sure it would crash as there were 410 people watching, but it didn't!

Wasn't really sure what I wanted to make this one about, but ended up typing in Sage and Satin. Satin being for a creamy color as I didn't really think Sage and Cream sounded as nice.

So heres what I came up with.

Boy was cream/satin ever hard to come up with. Mostly body lotions. Which are not always the prettiest photos. Nothing against them, but after 40 or so tops of cream containers....I was out.

Oh and I left the alternates open so you could see what might pop in if someone gets an item purchased. *crosses fingers for folks* Plus its not fair if they don't, then they are just sitting there. -_-

I think it turned out pretty. Hopefully front page material. I think that would just be so cool, to pop open etsy and find my treasury on the front. Shoot or to find myself on the front! I think I'd just keel over. *chuckles*

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