Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiny little rant.

Ok, got one of those great little items I ordered in today and while I think they are great (though a little smaller than I remember thinking they were going to be...but I'm awful at not reading a size, lol) they came in a box with packing peanuts.

Can I just say how much I dispise the things? I don't mind the biodegradable ones, as even if I let the kids use them as art work and somewhere down the line they get tossed *you know, that omg i've got to clean out some of these art projects or I'll be swimming in the piles of paper around here clean outs* they will just melt away.

These are the non bio ones. The funky ones that leave little bits of styro on you that float around your house forever. The ones that squeak.

Sigh. We will use them in a project but I will still feel awful about them. And you know what that means, they will be sitting in my storage boxes until I die, then my kids can look at them and laugh. Hopefully by that time they will have found a way to delete these things without harming other things. 0-o.

Thats all..I'm off my soapbox.

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