Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh My. My mailbox just got overloaded. ^-^

Poor Johnny, our mailman, he was sticking them in the best he could and still had to stack a couple of things on the ledge. *laughs*

So quite a few of the funky fun items I ordered got here today! Now I'm waiting for the next wave. I've found most of my gifts on Etsy this year and couldn't be happier.

Now if I could just finish the ones I'm making....then get them all wrapped. O-o

Oh and I got a great freebie in one! Some wild roving and a big group of cupons for etsy sellers in a team! I know some folks get frustrated with all that extra in their package and just want what they ordered....but I couldn't be happier. ***AaaaahChoo!*** Now If I could just get rid of these sniffles. ^-^

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