Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Butterfly Award

Aww, Beehive was kind enough to surprise me with a little award that bloggers share.

So heres the rules:
1. Post logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

So heres my ten nominees.
1. Posie Gets Cozy
2. Bittersweet, who tempts me with all the goodies on her blog
3. Subu, Inc.
4. Magpie & Birdie, a vintage clothing blog of a local shop, with tutes on sprucing things up!
5. Devil's Panties, Not satanic *orn. *chuckles*
6.Arkansas Artists On Etsy
7.Cake Wrecks
8.Art Of The Craft Studios
9.A Blondie Day -Sometimes makes me want a girl. ^-~
10. Old Red Barn

Ok, so I read a lot of blogs and it was hard to pick who went in this I did a random pointing act.

And since I'm horrid about posting comments on the blogs I love to read.....It may be a while before I get the notice out.....but I'll try!

Thanks beehive! ^-^

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Sea of Pink

The Race for the Cure was this morning and it was a blast! Sheena and I walked together and were chuckling and tearing up the whole time.

There were the bikers with their slogans like End the War in my Rack. or Save First Base. Or the firefighters dancing on top of the firetruck.

Then there were the sweetest sights. Like the whole family walking together. The husband with a celebration paper on his back that said he was walking for his wife, in front of him were three ladies. Two of which had celebration papers and in the middle, the mom/wife/grandmother who is a survivor.

It's such an amazing morning to be a part of. I just can't express how much I love it.

I've always wanted to add more pink every year and so this year I made a big hair piece.

I will go bigger next year but not heavier! *chuckles*

It's been fun having cotton candy hair all day.

Were any of you at the Race today? I would love to see pics, I saw some great shots that I really was kicking myself for not having my camera with me for.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I'm becoming a irregular blogger these days

And I'm sorry for that. I enjoy blogging, just don't seem to have the time these days.

Today is my day off, and I've spent it with the boys, enjoying the free time to just wander in a park (while my boys picked up two girls around 17, lol) Took them out to breakfast for pancakes because I couldn't see making a huge mess in the kitchen and having to spend the whole morning cleaning it up. *chuckles* And now I'm settling down to watch Across the Universe and do some updating.

Works been fun and frustrating at the same time lately. The frustrating has gotten close to outweighing the fun some days, but overall, I really like my job.

I made a bracelet this last weekend to donate to our Komen event at the store. I might make more in that theme or just along those lines. It was fun to make ^-^

I got my hair cut the other day and I'm still loving it. It was getting to weird at the length it was and I don't have the patience to find new ways to wear it up besides a variation of a ponytail for work. So off with the mess I say!

I put myself in the hands of a talented student (Yeah my mom cringed at that, lol) and I said " Do what you think looks good and won't get me fired" with a laugh. (Yeah Yeah, I know, Double Cringe) It turned out great and I'm excited to go back and let her chose color next time. I'm keeping tabs on this gal! ^-~

On my last day off I got to go thrift shopping a tiny bit and found a bag of buttons I couldn't pass by. There was one I saw that I thought was worth hoping there was more than one in there for so I bought it. Come to find out there were lots that were very cute.

This pair was my favorite though. They weren't the ones I was hoping were in the bag, but they are too cool. They kinda shimmer.

By the way the big purple ones were the one I spotted first in the bag. Those guys are nearly palm sized.

One last thing that we did the other day was that we picked up some lizards for the yard. We don't have a colony in the yard and we want to because they take care of any unwanted bugs. They are so funny and cute. The boys wanted to hold them so I ended up with them climbing on me.

Then we let them loose in the yard, Of course not before one got loose in the house and I had to catch it. He thought the vacuum cleaner looked great to him apparently and I told him if he wanted to do the cleaning, he could completely stay in the house. ^-~

Did I mention I love Across the Universe? It's taken me nearly 30 min to write this post. ^-~ *chuckles* Off to enjoy the rest of my movie!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ah fall,

I really enjoy this season, most of the time it lasts a good while and its just so pretty I'm glad it does.

Fall also means changes often and this years no different. The boys started preschool/daycare and are loving it. They are so funny, they call it Apple School because it's got a big apple in its logo. The first week Madd cried when we picked him up to come home, he really didn't want to leave.

They are teaching them things that make me smile, todays sheet from the teacher *which I think is so cool by the way, they send home a sheet that tells me what the kiddo did today ^-^* said that they learned the sign for butter after they had made fresh butter from cream. 0-0 Can I say I love this place? Tomorrow we are going to the store to pick up carrots because Madd is to bring carrots for the veggie soup that his class is going to make.

Kai is so funny, he won't talk to the teachers. They put up a picture of something and he will quickly say the answer then when they ask him what he said he hangs his head and whispers.

Other changes around our house are that both Hubb and I got new jobs. Hubb is working for a company that he will be traveling quite a bit for and I got a gig with Coldwater Creek. ^-^ I get to make the store look pretty.

Speaking of Coldwater Creek, they are big sponsers of the Koman Race for the Cure and on the 21st our store will be having Try it on for the Cure. All day, everything you try on earns a dollar for Koman in Arkansas. Plus 10% of that days sales go to the foundation as well. It's really neat. So stop by if you feel like it. ^-^

I decided to start selling robots in my shop and go a different route with sections. I plan on sticking with the funky fun jewelry I was making, keeping a couple of paintings and photos in the shop as well as the robots. While I like making dainty pretty things my fingers don't like it so much, so I will probably toss one or two in from time to time, but mostly it'll be big fun organic shapes. Might even do some mixed media stuff. Depends on what I get my hands on.

That and time, the ever elusive snake that slithers out the door when your not looking. ^-~

Well, off to enjoy an evening with my husband before he starts being a jetsetter. *chuckles*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's been a hectic month in general but this last few days have been the most.

I started working for Chicos recently because Hubb decided he wanted to change jobs so he could get back into school, which I was more than happy to oblige. I mean who wouldn't be ^-^

Then Coldwater Creek recruited me. I love their atmosphere because its so much more comfortable and I love their beginnings. I can remember getting their catalogs (well my mom did) when I was younger. So now I'm working for them! It's exciting to get to start a brand new store in a brand new shopping center.

All good things ^-^

Last week one of my grandparents passed. It was sudden to me because he's an ex-step grandfather and we haven't been in touch for a bit. So I had no idea he'd been sick recently and wasn't expecting it. He was a fun guy.

One of the funniest memories of him ( and one that fairly well sums up who he was) was when he told us all that you couldn't roll the go carts. We'd been out driving them all morning around the yard and having a blast when one of the moms mentioned their worry about rolling. Bill said, Can't do it.

Not long after (most of us had started preparing lunch) he came in his hair all wild and he looked a little crazy to say the least. He'd rolled one. He said he was fine but later we found out that he'd actually hurt his ribs.

I always enjoyed being around him and I'll really miss him. But I'm glad hes not in pain anymore.

Sunday, Hubb crashed the van. He's ok ^-^ Thank goodness, but the van.....not so much. He said he was coming down a hill and felt like he was going too fast even though the speedometer showed him going normal speed. He could see water on the road ahead and thought he needed to slow down. So he lightly tapped the breaks and immediately knew it wasn't going to be good. He was lucky though and managed to keep a small amount of control over the van. He didn't hit anyone else on the road but he did hit a light pole and took out a phone box. The van looks like someone with their nose broken.

Lots of the engine parts got all shifted around, the on-board computer cracked, and the frames tweaked. See the way the rim on the tires bent in at an angle, the hood mimics that angle so they think that the van was on two wheels at the point it hit the pole.

But in the end all is ok, it's funny, I dislike the van a ton....I never ever ever wanted to drive a van and still don't.....but it worked for us. And it's going to be hard to replace. Mostly because were in the middle of me changing jobs and Hubb going to an interview tomorrow to switch from working overnights to a traveling job.

Hubb wants to replace it with a conversion van. One from the 80s. I kicked him. lol. No offense if you own one, I mean shoot, I loved the one we drove to Florida in when I was a kiddo...but I'm just not in on driving one. He said I wouldn't have to if we got it, I could drive the car and we'd only use the van for trips. Then his idea was that it would be big enough I could use it when I went to art shows........and I reminded him ever so gently that I would have to drive it for that to happen......

It's been a little crazy here lately, but hopefully once things settle down here I can dive back into my supplies.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm entering a contest ^-^

So I saw information on a local book being put together by the Dem Gaz and a book company that I thought I'd enter. ^-^ Its going to be a book full of photos from all around the state.

So I entered a few tonight and I may enter a good bit more tomrrow depending on my afternoon, but what this post is really about is a request.

If you wouldn't mind....I'd love it if you clicked that pretty little button over there with some of my photos in it and voted away. Don't feel like you just have to vote for me though! Vote for every photo you like. Believe me it's hard to break away from though. I've been voting for an hour!

Anywho, thanks in advance if you decide to vote for me. ^-^ It would be so cool to be in a book! Oh! And enter yourself if you have any photos you'd like to contribute. (then whisper my direction and I'll pass a vote to you too ^-~ ) As long as the photos from Arkansas they are more than happy to have it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little froggy guy got featured ^-^

The very sweet littlewishes contacted me and said, Hey chicka! I put you in a treasury ^-~ Ok perhaps not those words, but you get what I mean.

It was a cute frog treasury!

So cute, I just love them all. I've always had a fondness for frogs.

Anywho, thought I'd share my joy.

Back to work, I'm trying to get lots done this week so that next week while the kiddos are away at VBS and staying with their grandparents, I can do some serious fun stuff. Like painting a room, and actually hanging pictures without worrying about waking the kiddos or a little someone trying to help out. ^-~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whats going on my house...with the crazy folks.

Worked on my front porch mostly yesterday, lol you should have seen me out there. We get the most spiders ever I promise! Must be something attracting them to my front door, it's crazy, and boy am I ever scared of them. So there I was whacking my broom around the front porch trying to get rid of them all. I kept thinking there was one on me and jumping. I'm sure all the neighbors were laughing. I'm just glad to have reclaimed my porch again. (I have to do this like once a week or they take over!)

I'm grouchy at my neighbors anyway and so the whacking of cobwebs was good for me. They cut down two trees in the past two days. For no reason. Not encroaching on their houses or bothering power lines, not even sick or anything. I'm not sure if they got a two for one deal or what, but it was nuts. It was two older ladies right next to each other and they chopped down the only tree in each of their front yards. The one had a swing out under her tree and so now I'm not sure if she'll be enjoying the heat or what. Oh well, their choice, I'll just be laughing when their bills go up.

I'm not very nice when it comes down to it am I? lol.

Anywho, that was my day, and I'm off to do some more work today, I really want a clean house and I'm getting tired of stepping on blocks....the boys may not like me later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yart Sale!!!!!!!

I've joined the fun of the Yart Sale and marked some of my listings down to 50% off. So if you've had your eye on anything, head on over!

Ok, now I'm done with my silly sales pitch. I always feel like a dork typing those out or saying them. Even when I worked in retail framing and had to write the silly things out for both myself and others to say over the speaker system, I felt silly.

I've always felt similar to a barker at a carnival. But I suppose thats what sales is all about really.

So yeah, if you don't mind, hop on over to my etsy shop (you can just click that cute little box of photos on the side) and see if theres something that strikes your fancy.

Thanks for looking!

**Oh and please ignore how messed up the lettering and sizing is on this post, apparently Blogger hates me today, lol. I'll try to fix it again in a bit. ****

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not so peaceful anymore.

Can I just scream? I really feel like it. Shrieking all over the house would be nice. Or yelling obscenities would work too. Kids are still up though.

Heres why.

My oldest (nearly 4) just opened the door for some guy. I had taken the dogs out back because were still watching Diamond to make sure she doesn't go rolling in yucky stuff. Well apparently Madd thought he'd just open the door for who ever this was that knocked. I had forgotten to lock the chain at the top when I came back in from taking a bag to the trash earlier.

The guy seemed nice enough, just down on his luck and looking to make some cash for rent by doing odd jobs, but jeeze!

So we just had a sit down talk about strangers. We've had them before but apparently not enough that he didn't think twice about opening the front door. I was nearly shaking trying to tell the guy I didn't have anything I could have him do around the house.

The guy backed off quickly when Lilly our newf mix came running toward the door as I did. Sometimes I wish she wasn't so aggressive toward the door, like when our friends come over, but I'm sure glad for her right now.

I promised a more peaceful post

And whats more peaceful than flowers?
I snapped some shots of the flowers outside while our family reunion ebbed. They were doing clean up and I had a cranky kiddo. So outside we went!

There were lots of flowers to photograph but the grouping of red poppy(poppies?) caught my eye first. They've always been one of my favorite flowers. ^-^
There were several metal crosses scattered through the little seating garden and I loved their rusty texture.

And last but not least, I found this little guy snug as a bug (well perhaps waiting for one) in a great big plant. He was too cute to pass by without snapping a few shots.
**Please don't swipe my photos. I've not watermarked the snap out of them because I dislike seeing words in front of an image. So please, please, if you want to use them, contact me and we'll talk. I don't bite! *

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My recent beef with Etsy

In all honesty I think Etsy is the coolest thing.

Lately however I've seen some things I've not liked.

Example One.
The head honcho of Etsy recently stated that no matter how much sellers asked for something to be changed, they heard but weren't changing it.

Example Two.
In that same day said head honcho belittled a seller because she mentioned that gas prices were rising and that it hurt her bottom line. He told her to "watch out"
*Uh yeah, ok, you live in NY, walk most places or take a cab........what do you know about how much gas prices are hurting your average american?*
He also mentioned that he'd worked hard in his life for little pay. Then he mentioned a couple of his jobs and pay scale for one. Both were no where near minimum wage for their time period.

Example Three.

This just happened a moment ago so it's still fresh and makes me grouchy.
We the sellers/buyers/forum goers were having a discussion about a certain product that was under some scrutiny as of late. There was no hate, no bashing, just debate over some things that well, just about everyone who makes something and sells it will have to deal with in their life. No biggie right.

Commonly found out info was posted in the thread, ie: something that we all could have found easily by contacting the company or just looking their info up online. (I have a feeling I know who went and griped about it to the mods, but I'm not stating names as I'm not going that route) Other than that the thread had been nothing but banter back and forth over an issue that was highly informative to me personally and others as I could tell from their responses.

Admin shut it down.

Now if someone starts another thread with anything to do with that last one, it'll get shut down fast.

I don't usually gripe about the forums because there is always so much going on in there, but this one just bothered me.

Oh well, not much I can do about it, at least for now.

Anywho, I'll be back with a more peaceful post later. Some new photos I'm going to offer up for print ^-^

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoo Day!

Ok, so I know I said one main photo post a week.....but I had to share our trip to the zoo. ^-^

The tigers were not happy with each other today and though I didn't get a photo of them sparring this guy was pacing quite a while.

I've always loved these birds, I'm not sure why. Perhaps its our taste in hair color or style.....^-~

Hubb says this photo really speaks, that it's sad looking. I don't know, it's just a very pretty elephant to me.(She actually has a bit of a smile to me, mischievous gal!) But I can see where he's coming from I guess.

The obligatory artsy shot. *chuckles*
I took this one in action mode so they weren't total blurs, but I really want to go shoot them when they aren't moving. I've always loved carousels and the fact that this one is a restored historical one makes it even more special.
There were a ton more. I took a total of 165 photos today, lol. I'm a snap happy momma ^-^ I got some of the boys, just haven't edited them yet.

For now, that was our trip!

*Oh and um, don't steal my photos, lol. You want to use them, contact me and ask. I'm usually more than happy, I just don't like theft. I mean who does.*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Picture day!

He he, I'm bad about this, so I thought I'd just share everything (ok, well a sample because I take a ton of pictures) that I downloaded from my camera today.

Perhaps I'll make it a weekly thing.

Anywho, on with the pictures ^-^

My azaleas have bloomed and they are always such a lovely watermelon color. This year the leaves are mostly a bright green and so it made a fun combo.

Two years ago I transplanted some pretty burgundy iris's that were growing under a bush in our yard. I also planted some purple ones as well as a white one that year. The burgundy one has bloomed and I'm happily waiting on the other colors to show. ^-^ The purple have budded. The white may not have survived. *It was a second time transplant*
I'm pretty sure I shared my happiness over making my own donuts recently, if not, let me tell you, I love making them ^-^ It's quick, no where near the sugar/fried content and yummy!

Ok, so they are donut holes but they are still donuts!

My cat (Thing One) actually likes people unlike her brother who only likes the lady across the street who likes to feed him. She has her days but most of the time she follows us around the yard.

The boys and I picked up something fun at the store today.
They are toys! Funky funny moving sushi. lol. They are little wind up sushi in different forms.

I may have to go back to get the rest of the types. he he.

And now for the boys themselves ^-^

Kai went off on his own while Mom and I had our garage sale last weekend. He walked over to her front steps and sat for a bit.

Madd wanted to stay out with us the whole time and ended up in a coat of my moms. We were laughing that he looked like a little thug when he's really the farthest from one.
The boys had Popsicles while we spent some warm afternoon outside time and it was interesting to see how they ate them. Madd dove right in and started biting his, K didn't, he's a savor it guy.
So thats my picture scramble for the week. ^-^ Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A yummy contest!

Over at there is a contest for a yummy sounding bath scrub. It sounds light and perfect for spring. ^-^

So go check it out!

Suburose (Great blog, not just for the fun giveaways but for the light humor and fun ^-^)
Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen-the giver! She has a great shop full of wonderful smells and textures.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ah Cooking.

So I love to cook. And it should be no surprise that I like to watch the Food Network in the evenings. Most of my other tv watching time is with the boys and that consists of Disney movies and cartoons.

One of the things about turning the tv on in the mornings is that I always click over to to a channel I watch to keep the boys from getting upset when one of their shows is just going off. (We wake up at different times and sometimes I don't watch tv in the evenings.)

This morning I turned the tv on and I had left the food network on from last night. Jamie Oliver was cooking up some pumpkin and it caught my eye. My oldest didn't automatically say "Mommy change the channel" so I left it without scanning the guide. The commercial came and my kiddo was still hooked! He didn't ask to change and he actually asked if the guy was coming back. ^=^

I'm thrilled. So we watched Jamie cook up some different types of food using squash and pumpkins. Then when it was over I was expecting to be asked to switch to cartoons.....but no! He wanted to watch what ever came up next. He said, can we watch that lady? (there was an ad for the show coming up next.)

She was doing a remake on some fast foods and one of the things was a sundae, so now he's making me sundaes. he he.

I think I could get used to this ^-~

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I made a cute set of gals I had to share!

In my attempts at recycling some of the supplies in my craft room for the swap in my state team I came up with some gals I couldn't resist. ^-^

The Garden Shop Gal's will be sticking around my house for a while, but I'm thinking of buying some more peg people to make a few for sale.

These three gals seem to have a cheeky Desperate Housewives flair but they also make me think they would be fun to work with!

I had planned on making them little baskets of flowers as well as giving them arms and aprons....but I think that may be too much for their size. I mean they are barely over an inch tall! I had a blast painting them and then sewing their little dresses by hand.

I made a few flops in my attempt at recycling some supplies, but some may turn out to be good in the end. I made a few hair ties out of yarn and scrap wire that I may try with some different yarn to see if I like them. They are sturdy enough, just not my colors!

Oh! and in case you missed it, check the post below out. ^-~ Oh and the one below that for the results of the boys easter roving dying fun!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ok, I'm so swamped, but you know me.....

I love swaps!

I gravitated towards a large one recently and had a blast putting together enough items to send out (I can't wait to see what comes back! I mean 20 surprises?! What fun ^-^ )

Then theres the very cool recycle swap in the ArEtsy group. Which has been a mess. I mean I keep making things thinking, Oh! This'll be great! Then I either hate it....or don't want it to leave my house......^-~

I have a doll I'm supposed to be making a fellow poppeteer, but I keep missing the fur when I go to the store. Either the wrong dye lot (to match what I already have here) or theres just one on the shelf. Of course, had I bought the one last time then next time I'd only need one.....Doh!

Today I saw a PIF over on Sugarbug's blog that seemed like fun ^-^ So I jumped in. Not thinking....uh Hey lady! You've got a house to get ready to put on the market.....but Meh, it's all in fun!

So heres the deal, now that I've rambled a bit, The first three folks to comment on this post that they'd like to enter the PIF fun gets a present in the mail from me. Whats the catch? You've got to PIF as well! (Don't know what in the world PIF means?
Pay It Forward means you got a fun freebie, now you do the same for three other lucky folks!)
So the first three who pop in here and say, Hey! I'd love to play the PIF game get a surprise in the mail from me. (I'll pay shipping and everything, you just do the same for some other lucky goose! Or geese in this matter.)

***Feel free to nab the lil image there and pop it on your blog. ^-^ ***

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Roving *Turns into Easter Yarn!*

All dry and funky!

I'm really loving this so far. ^-^ I may be ordering a larger lot of white next time................^-~

All spun up!
I really do love it! I can't wait to see what my MIL can come up with for me using it. I think I'm going to request a business card holder. Or a mini scarf!

Easter means color!

At least at our house, lol. We painted eggs this morning and while we didn't do a ton we had a blast making them. Then we moved on to painting roving! I was a bit worried with the two boys not quite understanding what I meant, but they soon got the hang of it. They created some colorful stuff!
*please ignore the silly painting surface, it's a tablecloth bought at Halloween that wasn't quite big enough.*
When they were done I laid out some longer strips and tried to make some colorful stuff of my own to match theirs so I could spin it all up together. Theirs has more white spots, but it also meant theirs has less color touch problems. I have a couple of brown spots on mine, but they should blend in nicely ^-^
It was my first time dying as well. Here the finished roving is drying on the line.

*I didn't quite realize Eeyore lived next door.....Oh and please ignore my yard that will grow nothing. ^-~*

I love love love drying stuff outdoors. Mm........
And last but not least, I've been coming up with some new pendants this week. I got the idea after painting a couple of mini paintings for a swap. I just grabbed some near card sized wood pieces and started painting. Then I found a couple of little wooden tiles, so I painted those. Next thing you knew I was headed for the store to buy more little wooden tiles. ^-~
So heres one, this one goes in a swap but no one know's who its going to *not even me!* so it'll be a surprise to who ever opens it. There will be more soon! I have to edit photos and list a couple tonight!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wowie, sems like a long day

And its only early afternoon!

We headed out this morning to go to Kids Club and when we got there I saw the signs that today was a free kids craft event day. *Yippie!* They had three tables set up with different crayola products and we were trying them out. ^-^ The baby paints they just released are ok, but very messy! They have thin paint in them that smears all over the place until it's dry. Granted most paint smears but this is like watercolor/tempra mixed or something. The other thing I could see was the paints running out quickly and having to replace the whole set often if your kiddo really likes to paint.

The second table was the new markers they put out that are very bright. The boys really liked them so I might pick some up soon. ^-^

The third table was their play clay stuff. Not model magic but the newer version. The boys made wands and then we had a meltdown. Madd wanted to roll them up in the paper mat provided and I knew that they would get squished together and stuck. They are still drying and that was 11:30 or so......

He got really upset and started throwing a tantrum. So I walked him away from the tables to the other side of the store.That kids got a set of lungs on him and I knew it wasn't far from screaming temper time. I sat down and put him in a "corner" basically facing a wall. I spanked his bottom for thrashing out when I picked him up and tried to explain why he shouldn't wrap up the wands. He only got worse and I knew it wasn't going to solve anything to spank his bottom again. So I took him into my lap and held him tight. He was crying and upset. One of the employees walked over and said, Can I help you? I thought Uh, No....I'm calming my kid down lady, walk away. I'm sure she thought he'd hurt himself at first (or maybe not and she just wanted me to make him stop) but she gave me this look when I said No thanks, just calming a temper tantrum down. I wanted to smack her. Lady, raise your kids your way, sorry if I'm bothering other customers by calming my toddler down while sitting next to my cart in an isle. It's not like there was anyone in the isle with us! Grrr.......

Got him calmed down and we had fun coloring for a bit. He said he was sorry to me and to Angie (the art teacher) and life went on.

Then we headed to W-Mart to pick up groceries. I knew that there was a McDondalds (Madd's way of saying it ^-^) in their and I could sit down with them and eat. The easter bunny wandered in and their eyes lit up. I was so happy that they weren't screaming or afraid of him. It was funny though when he turned around and you could see his neck and the back of his hair, Madd said, "Mommy, thats not the Easter Bunny...." I just smiled and said, Nope, its one of his helpers.They were having free pictures with him so after we ate we headed over there to get our picture taken.

The boys were wearing their pirate bandannas from their Happy meals and though Madd took his off Lil Man kept his on.

*Lil Man has on his Monkey Muffin shirt from DogboneArt on etsy. ^-^ It was one of his christmas gifts and he loves it.*

Then we went back to pirating our "ship" around store. ^-^ Now were home and I'm zonked. I think I'm going to take a nap......

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make yarn dread falls.

So you want to make dread falls out of yarn. Well, you could sit and braid for hours on end just to get chunky braids, or you could go with the less heavy version of mine. ^-^ Not saying either ones right or better, just saying mine weigh a bit less........

So here we go. ^-^

Step one:-----
Cut out yarn! Grab a skien you like or two, or three (how ever many really) of colors you want. I've used two, but many more are easy to add.

You pick your yarn length out yourself. I've got with a strand thats just over a yard long because I want long falls. You have to remember when deciding what length to cut out that you are folding this piece in half. So if it seems uber long and you just want chest length falls, then go with my measurement, if you want shorter, go with less! (Oh and to get those layered looks, go with a bunch of different lengths.)

Now you've got most of a skien or how ever much you feel like using. (I only used a bit of the black skien I picked up which is your basic skien you see at Wallyworld or most craft stores. The green was a smaller skien and I've used most of it. )

Step Two:-----
Cut out holder. I've used ribbon *black* for this set of falls because I wanted to just tie them in and bobby pin for hold. You can use stretchy lace ribbon, elastics (though the falls will have to be really scrunched for most pony tail holders) or basic sewing elastic (like for clothes)

I've used a fairly long piece as I'm loading it with yarn and want to have a good amount left to tie with security.

Step Three:---------
Fold a few strands of your cut yarn in half and lay under your holder.

Then fold the loop the folded yarn has made over the holder.

Lastly pull the ends of your yarn through the loop and tighten.

It should kind of look like a mans tie at the top. ^-^

Step Four:--------
Fill that puppy up! Squish the yarn loops together and put as many on their as you'd like, leaving a tail on both ends thats long enough to tie. (If you used a pony tail holder, just fill it to the brim!)

Step five:------

Pull your hair up in buns and secure with bobby pins. Of course if your just making a single fall, by all means, make one bun on the back of your head. ^-^

I like mine higher than I did for these photos, I was just popping them in to show off. ^-~

I recommend these bobby pins if your doing yours like mine. they help support the weight of the fall and are large enough to go over the yarn and holder. I got mine at the local beauty supply store and I love them. (Also means I only have to use two pins for a bun in my hair, they hold like a dream!)

Now really, that wasn't too hard was it?! ^-^ I love these and can't wait to wear them out. I'll be making some other ones soon though, I've got roving to try and I want to add some foam to some. When I figure those all out I'll post tutes!