Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sheena (My mother) is engaged!

She called me just a few min ago to pop the news. Shes giddy and its so cute. ^-^ She's been married twice before, but neither worked out. She and my Dad were too young and didn't really know what they wanted. My step-dad was......well I don't really know....0-o,I'm just glad ....Just....glad.

She recently met a guy who she probably wouldn't have thrown a second glance to if he hadn't been a friend of a friend. Not that he isn't a good looking guy, he's just a red head and Sheena's never really looked at many red heads. Ya know, you just get those things in your head sometimes.

They got introduced and hit it off from the start. They've been hard to separate since. Well apparently Friday night he gave her a ring. He said, "It's not 'the' ring because that ones still being made, but I wanted you to have a ring." She said its very nice and if its not as pretty as the one thats being made, then that one must be gorgeous!

My sis and Hubb are the two not quite as thrilled about it right now. Princess (sis) was dating a guy who's my age (she's 18) and Sheena told her to stop dating him. Now Princess is angry at Sheena because NewMan is younger than Sheena. Not a ton younger, but enough that it makes Princess mad. Pfft! Get over it girly! Two adults with a small age difference is a good bit different than a teen and a twenty-something hooking up. Blah.

Hubb's thing is that he things they are rushing into things. At which time I tug his ear and remind him of how long it took before we decided we were meant to be. *chuckles* Same exact time period.

Had a good laugh about that one too. While talking to her she mentioned that they had decided on a date that they thought was good. Yeah...One day before Hubb and I's anniversary. She said, Oh no! I didn't remember. I said Chill lady! I'ts all good. Go with it! ^-~

Eeee! I can't wait to help plan. I just hope she isn't rushing into things. I know Hubb and I didn't really rush...but sometimes we feel like we did. (Not that we'd do it different, just that we wish we could have taken longer to plan and work things the way we wanted)

Anywho, just thought I'd share. Fixed my sewing machine and have back up needles as well as oil for the machine. Made one of those cute harimaku...harjamakjuju.....muffin top covers....draft stoppers...thingymabobbers. ^-^ Now I want to make a bunch! So cute.

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