Friday, January 23, 2009

Haircuts and Holidays

Busy Busy Busy, thats what it always seems like around here.

Works kept me on my toes and while I've had days off, I've kept them full by looking for a new job. I'm hunting down something that is 9-5 or 7-3 ish, you know, that sort of shift. Of course that's kind of tough to find right now, but I know its out there somewhere ^-^

The boys really enjoyed the holidays, they got all sorts of fun things and just like every year we say "We won't buy them toys, we'll leave that part to the rest of the family and we'll just get them some fun new outfits or something we can all use together as a family" Yeah....right.....*laughs*

That so didn't happen.

Madd's hair was getting long so he got to pick out a new hairdo. He was too funny at the salon. The picture of the kid in the book who's haircut he picked had his thumbs in his ears and hands spread making a silly face. So when Madd got up there to the girl cutting his hair, he said "I want this." matter of factly and stuck his thumbs in his ears and wiggled his fingers. The girl laughed and said "oh yeah?" It was a good first haircut at a salon for him and I was glad ^-^ You hear about kids being scared but he wasn't at all. I was very proud of him.

Little Man did not want his hair cut. Every time I ask, he puts his hands on the top of his head and says in a pitiful voice "Don't cut my hair" *chuckles* I've got to talk him into one soon enough, its getting unruly.

As for on the crafting front,
I've been working on some projects and I keep trying to come up with fun new inspirations. I haven't had the time really though to sit down with tools and work on some of the harder ones I've got in mind. I'm hoping a steady hours job will help with that and the fact that spring is right around the corner will as well. If I'm to do any shows...I'll have to create something! *chuckles*