Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our holiday trip

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at Hubb's parents house. They live way out in the country so the trip is always a pretty one.

There are three trees clumped together that I love to pass under. They make me smile and I call them the sisters. I can just picture them gossiping as they are along one of the main roads. I'm sure they've seen it all.

I've always wanted to photograph them, but we usually have two sleepy boys in the back seat. This time I got lucky as they were in a good mood.

I shot them in both color and sepia. I love the sepia treatment on them, Hubb loves the color. Either way they turned out fun.

Heres the shot I listed as a print. I haven't decided the number of prints I'll make but it will be a limited edition.

*Copyright 2007 Brandy R.*

I wanted the shot to look like an old photo. Something found in a barn where it was stored for years. Perhaps it was in a fire. Who knows, all anyone really knows is that it tells a story. I love story shots. ^-~

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