Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yart Sale!!!!!!!

I've joined the fun of the Yart Sale and marked some of my listings down to 50% off. So if you've had your eye on anything, head on over!

Ok, now I'm done with my silly sales pitch. I always feel like a dork typing those out or saying them. Even when I worked in retail framing and had to write the silly things out for both myself and others to say over the speaker system, I felt silly.

I've always felt similar to a barker at a carnival. But I suppose thats what sales is all about really.

So yeah, if you don't mind, hop on over to my etsy shop (you can just click that cute little box of photos on the side) and see if theres something that strikes your fancy.

Thanks for looking!

**Oh and please ignore how messed up the lettering and sizing is on this post, apparently Blogger hates me today, lol. I'll try to fix it again in a bit. ****

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