Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ah Cooking.

So I love to cook. And it should be no surprise that I like to watch the Food Network in the evenings. Most of my other tv watching time is with the boys and that consists of Disney movies and cartoons.

One of the things about turning the tv on in the mornings is that I always click over to to a channel I watch to keep the boys from getting upset when one of their shows is just going off. (We wake up at different times and sometimes I don't watch tv in the evenings.)

This morning I turned the tv on and I had left the food network on from last night. Jamie Oliver was cooking up some pumpkin and it caught my eye. My oldest didn't automatically say "Mommy change the channel" so I left it without scanning the guide. The commercial came and my kiddo was still hooked! He didn't ask to change and he actually asked if the guy was coming back. ^=^

I'm thrilled. So we watched Jamie cook up some different types of food using squash and pumpkins. Then when it was over I was expecting to be asked to switch to cartoons.....but no! He wanted to watch what ever came up next. He said, can we watch that lady? (there was an ad for the show coming up next.)

She was doing a remake on some fast foods and one of the things was a sundae, so now he's making me sundaes. he he.

I think I could get used to this ^-~

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