Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter means color!

At least at our house, lol. We painted eggs this morning and while we didn't do a ton we had a blast making them. Then we moved on to painting roving! I was a bit worried with the two boys not quite understanding what I meant, but they soon got the hang of it. They created some colorful stuff!
*please ignore the silly painting surface, it's a tablecloth bought at Halloween that wasn't quite big enough.*
When they were done I laid out some longer strips and tried to make some colorful stuff of my own to match theirs so I could spin it all up together. Theirs has more white spots, but it also meant theirs has less color touch problems. I have a couple of brown spots on mine, but they should blend in nicely ^-^
It was my first time dying as well. Here the finished roving is drying on the line.

*I didn't quite realize Eeyore lived next door.....Oh and please ignore my yard that will grow nothing. ^-~*

I love love love drying stuff outdoors. Mm........
And last but not least, I've been coming up with some new pendants this week. I got the idea after painting a couple of mini paintings for a swap. I just grabbed some near card sized wood pieces and started painting. Then I found a couple of little wooden tiles, so I painted those. Next thing you knew I was headed for the store to buy more little wooden tiles. ^-~
So heres one, this one goes in a swap but no one know's who its going to *not even me!* so it'll be a surprise to who ever opens it. There will be more soon! I have to edit photos and list a couple tonight!

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