Saturday, March 29, 2008

I made a cute set of gals I had to share!

In my attempts at recycling some of the supplies in my craft room for the swap in my state team I came up with some gals I couldn't resist. ^-^

The Garden Shop Gal's will be sticking around my house for a while, but I'm thinking of buying some more peg people to make a few for sale.

These three gals seem to have a cheeky Desperate Housewives flair but they also make me think they would be fun to work with!

I had planned on making them little baskets of flowers as well as giving them arms and aprons....but I think that may be too much for their size. I mean they are barely over an inch tall! I had a blast painting them and then sewing their little dresses by hand.

I made a few flops in my attempt at recycling some supplies, but some may turn out to be good in the end. I made a few hair ties out of yarn and scrap wire that I may try with some different yarn to see if I like them. They are sturdy enough, just not my colors!

Oh! and in case you missed it, check the post below out. ^-~ Oh and the one below that for the results of the boys easter roving dying fun!