Thursday, April 17, 2008

Picture day!

He he, I'm bad about this, so I thought I'd just share everything (ok, well a sample because I take a ton of pictures) that I downloaded from my camera today.

Perhaps I'll make it a weekly thing.

Anywho, on with the pictures ^-^

My azaleas have bloomed and they are always such a lovely watermelon color. This year the leaves are mostly a bright green and so it made a fun combo.

Two years ago I transplanted some pretty burgundy iris's that were growing under a bush in our yard. I also planted some purple ones as well as a white one that year. The burgundy one has bloomed and I'm happily waiting on the other colors to show. ^-^ The purple have budded. The white may not have survived. *It was a second time transplant*
I'm pretty sure I shared my happiness over making my own donuts recently, if not, let me tell you, I love making them ^-^ It's quick, no where near the sugar/fried content and yummy!

Ok, so they are donut holes but they are still donuts!

My cat (Thing One) actually likes people unlike her brother who only likes the lady across the street who likes to feed him. She has her days but most of the time she follows us around the yard.

The boys and I picked up something fun at the store today.
They are toys! Funky funny moving sushi. lol. They are little wind up sushi in different forms.

I may have to go back to get the rest of the types. he he.

And now for the boys themselves ^-^

Kai went off on his own while Mom and I had our garage sale last weekend. He walked over to her front steps and sat for a bit.

Madd wanted to stay out with us the whole time and ended up in a coat of my moms. We were laughing that he looked like a little thug when he's really the farthest from one.
The boys had Popsicles while we spent some warm afternoon outside time and it was interesting to see how they ate them. Madd dove right in and started biting his, K didn't, he's a savor it guy.
So thats my picture scramble for the week. ^-^ Hope you enjoyed!


Denise Felton said...

Wow! You are some fantastic photographer, girl! And your boys are so precious, I wanted to reach through the screen and hug them.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Aww *^-^* Thanks! I've always loved photography, just don't always have time to go out and shoot.