Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make yarn dread falls.

So you want to make dread falls out of yarn. Well, you could sit and braid for hours on end just to get chunky braids, or you could go with the less heavy version of mine. ^-^ Not saying either ones right or better, just saying mine weigh a bit less........

So here we go. ^-^

Step one:-----
Cut out yarn! Grab a skien you like or two, or three (how ever many really) of colors you want. I've used two, but many more are easy to add.

You pick your yarn length out yourself. I've got with a strand thats just over a yard long because I want long falls. You have to remember when deciding what length to cut out that you are folding this piece in half. So if it seems uber long and you just want chest length falls, then go with my measurement, if you want shorter, go with less! (Oh and to get those layered looks, go with a bunch of different lengths.)

Now you've got most of a skien or how ever much you feel like using. (I only used a bit of the black skien I picked up which is your basic skien you see at Wallyworld or most craft stores. The green was a smaller skien and I've used most of it. )

Step Two:-----
Cut out holder. I've used ribbon *black* for this set of falls because I wanted to just tie them in and bobby pin for hold. You can use stretchy lace ribbon, elastics (though the falls will have to be really scrunched for most pony tail holders) or basic sewing elastic (like for clothes)

I've used a fairly long piece as I'm loading it with yarn and want to have a good amount left to tie with security.

Step Three:---------
Fold a few strands of your cut yarn in half and lay under your holder.

Then fold the loop the folded yarn has made over the holder.

Lastly pull the ends of your yarn through the loop and tighten.

It should kind of look like a mans tie at the top. ^-^

Step Four:--------
Fill that puppy up! Squish the yarn loops together and put as many on their as you'd like, leaving a tail on both ends thats long enough to tie. (If you used a pony tail holder, just fill it to the brim!)

Step five:------

Pull your hair up in buns and secure with bobby pins. Of course if your just making a single fall, by all means, make one bun on the back of your head. ^-^

I like mine higher than I did for these photos, I was just popping them in to show off. ^-~

I recommend these bobby pins if your doing yours like mine. they help support the weight of the fall and are large enough to go over the yarn and holder. I got mine at the local beauty supply store and I love them. (Also means I only have to use two pins for a bun in my hair, they hold like a dream!)

Now really, that wasn't too hard was it?! ^-^ I love these and can't wait to wear them out. I'll be making some other ones soon though, I've got roving to try and I want to add some foam to some. When I figure those all out I'll post tutes!


Colleen said...

Thank you SO much for doing the step by step pics. I wasnt able to find anyone who showed it in detail... I need to see what Im doing! Your the best!

saahotaru said...

Thanks, my friend tried to teach me how, but she's been doing it for years and zipped right through, leaving me in the dust. She has more technical equipment, since she mainly works with cyberlox, and i just couldn't keep up. Now iv'e made a few cool sets of chenille dreads. Thanks a ton

poeslostlenore said...


jessica said...

ur so freaking awsome thanks! i searched and searched and all i got was ppl trying to sale them..ugh! lol thanks doll!

Karyn said...

Any suggestions on a good way to affix them to short hair? I'm hoping to make some falls for myself as a stashbuster but my hair is pretty short (and slick!) so buns don't work and bobby pins fall out real easy.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Hrmmm short hair. At the time I did this I think my hair was medium length so my bun's weren't large.

With this kind of set you may have to attach them to a headband or something.

I need to rewrite a tute for wool ones. They are easier to braid into short hair or to put on clips.

Shauna said...

so Ive been looking all over google attempting to make sense of how to make these. and your article is the first Ive found that actually helped me. THANK YOU

Cat said...

i think I know you from a summer camp!!! You had thosr awesome dreads. The thing is, i cant get my string to scrunch up like that...How do you get it like that???

Ekio Locatiare said...

Me? Maybe...I don't remember wearing falls or such to a camp, but I may have knowing me!

As far as scrunching my ribbon, I'm not sure what you mean.
When laying on the table, the ribbon is just covered in yarn. A ton of yarn. they should be fairly heavy.

If you mean on my head, I have my hair rolled into buns against my scalp, so that the tied on and pinned in falls lay over top of the bun. Which makes it stand up a bit.

If I didn't cover it there...feel free to ask again! ^_^

Glad it's been of help to people!

Jamie said...

Does the yarn have to be wool? Or can it be acrylic?

Ekio Locatiare said...

Jamie: These were acrylic all the way. I know that wool would felt if washed, so there's some fun there to be had from playing with wool types, but acrylic is generally what you'll find in the wilder color sets.