Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoo Day!

Ok, so I know I said one main photo post a week.....but I had to share our trip to the zoo. ^-^

The tigers were not happy with each other today and though I didn't get a photo of them sparring this guy was pacing quite a while.

I've always loved these birds, I'm not sure why. Perhaps its our taste in hair color or style.....^-~

Hubb says this photo really speaks, that it's sad looking. I don't know, it's just a very pretty elephant to me.(She actually has a bit of a smile to me, mischievous gal!) But I can see where he's coming from I guess.

The obligatory artsy shot. *chuckles*
I took this one in action mode so they weren't total blurs, but I really want to go shoot them when they aren't moving. I've always loved carousels and the fact that this one is a restored historical one makes it even more special.
There were a ton more. I took a total of 165 photos today, lol. I'm a snap happy momma ^-^ I got some of the boys, just haven't edited them yet.

For now, that was our trip!

*Oh and um, don't steal my photos, lol. You want to use them, contact me and ask. I'm usually more than happy, I just don't like theft. I mean who does.*


idyll hands said...

Those are fantabulous photos! I want to go to the zoo!

Ekio Locatiare said...

Thanks ^-^ It was a blast, we were sad that we missed out riding the carousel but we were too late getting over there. Got to ride the train though! Oh and they rebuilt the cafe in the old Big Cat's house. It's much much nicer.