Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wowie, sems like a long day

And its only early afternoon!

We headed out this morning to go to Kids Club and when we got there I saw the signs that today was a free kids craft event day. *Yippie!* They had three tables set up with different crayola products and we were trying them out. ^-^ The baby paints they just released are ok, but very messy! They have thin paint in them that smears all over the place until it's dry. Granted most paint smears but this is like watercolor/tempra mixed or something. The other thing I could see was the paints running out quickly and having to replace the whole set often if your kiddo really likes to paint.

The second table was the new markers they put out that are very bright. The boys really liked them so I might pick some up soon. ^-^

The third table was their play clay stuff. Not model magic but the newer version. The boys made wands and then we had a meltdown. Madd wanted to roll them up in the paper mat provided and I knew that they would get squished together and stuck. They are still drying and that was 11:30 or so......

He got really upset and started throwing a tantrum. So I walked him away from the tables to the other side of the store.That kids got a set of lungs on him and I knew it wasn't far from screaming temper time. I sat down and put him in a "corner" basically facing a wall. I spanked his bottom for thrashing out when I picked him up and tried to explain why he shouldn't wrap up the wands. He only got worse and I knew it wasn't going to solve anything to spank his bottom again. So I took him into my lap and held him tight. He was crying and upset. One of the employees walked over and said, Can I help you? I thought Uh, No....I'm calming my kid down lady, walk away. I'm sure she thought he'd hurt himself at first (or maybe not and she just wanted me to make him stop) but she gave me this look when I said No thanks, just calming a temper tantrum down. I wanted to smack her. Lady, raise your kids your way, sorry if I'm bothering other customers by calming my toddler down while sitting next to my cart in an isle. It's not like there was anyone in the isle with us! Grrr.......

Got him calmed down and we had fun coloring for a bit. He said he was sorry to me and to Angie (the art teacher) and life went on.

Then we headed to W-Mart to pick up groceries. I knew that there was a McDondalds (Madd's way of saying it ^-^) in their and I could sit down with them and eat. The easter bunny wandered in and their eyes lit up. I was so happy that they weren't screaming or afraid of him. It was funny though when he turned around and you could see his neck and the back of his hair, Madd said, "Mommy, thats not the Easter Bunny...." I just smiled and said, Nope, its one of his helpers.They were having free pictures with him so after we ate we headed over there to get our picture taken.

The boys were wearing their pirate bandannas from their Happy meals and though Madd took his off Lil Man kept his on.

*Lil Man has on his Monkey Muffin shirt from DogboneArt on etsy. ^-^ It was one of his christmas gifts and he loves it.*

Then we went back to pirating our "ship" around store. ^-^ Now were home and I'm zonked. I think I'm going to take a nap......

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