Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I'm becoming a irregular blogger these days

And I'm sorry for that. I enjoy blogging, just don't seem to have the time these days.

Today is my day off, and I've spent it with the boys, enjoying the free time to just wander in a park (while my boys picked up two girls around 17, lol) Took them out to breakfast for pancakes because I couldn't see making a huge mess in the kitchen and having to spend the whole morning cleaning it up. *chuckles* And now I'm settling down to watch Across the Universe and do some updating.

Works been fun and frustrating at the same time lately. The frustrating has gotten close to outweighing the fun some days, but overall, I really like my job.

I made a bracelet this last weekend to donate to our Komen event at the store. I might make more in that theme or just along those lines. It was fun to make ^-^

I got my hair cut the other day and I'm still loving it. It was getting to weird at the length it was and I don't have the patience to find new ways to wear it up besides a variation of a ponytail for work. So off with the mess I say!

I put myself in the hands of a talented student (Yeah my mom cringed at that, lol) and I said " Do what you think looks good and won't get me fired" with a laugh. (Yeah Yeah, I know, Double Cringe) It turned out great and I'm excited to go back and let her chose color next time. I'm keeping tabs on this gal! ^-~

On my last day off I got to go thrift shopping a tiny bit and found a bag of buttons I couldn't pass by. There was one I saw that I thought was worth hoping there was more than one in there for so I bought it. Come to find out there were lots that were very cute.

This pair was my favorite though. They weren't the ones I was hoping were in the bag, but they are too cool. They kinda shimmer.

By the way the big purple ones were the one I spotted first in the bag. Those guys are nearly palm sized.

One last thing that we did the other day was that we picked up some lizards for the yard. We don't have a colony in the yard and we want to because they take care of any unwanted bugs. They are so funny and cute. The boys wanted to hold them so I ended up with them climbing on me.

Then we let them loose in the yard, Of course not before one got loose in the house and I had to catch it. He thought the vacuum cleaner looked great to him apparently and I told him if he wanted to do the cleaning, he could completely stay in the house. ^-~

Did I mention I love Across the Universe? It's taken me nearly 30 min to write this post. ^-~ *chuckles* Off to enjoy the rest of my movie!


Sunny said...

cute hair, I'm impressed it came from a student given free reign!

Ekio Locatiare said...

I'm a daredevil when it comes to hair. lol. ^-~