Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's been a hectic month in general but this last few days have been the most.

I started working for Chicos recently because Hubb decided he wanted to change jobs so he could get back into school, which I was more than happy to oblige. I mean who wouldn't be ^-^

Then Coldwater Creek recruited me. I love their atmosphere because its so much more comfortable and I love their beginnings. I can remember getting their catalogs (well my mom did) when I was younger. So now I'm working for them! It's exciting to get to start a brand new store in a brand new shopping center.

All good things ^-^

Last week one of my grandparents passed. It was sudden to me because he's an ex-step grandfather and we haven't been in touch for a bit. So I had no idea he'd been sick recently and wasn't expecting it. He was a fun guy.

One of the funniest memories of him ( and one that fairly well sums up who he was) was when he told us all that you couldn't roll the go carts. We'd been out driving them all morning around the yard and having a blast when one of the moms mentioned their worry about rolling. Bill said, Can't do it.

Not long after (most of us had started preparing lunch) he came in his hair all wild and he looked a little crazy to say the least. He'd rolled one. He said he was fine but later we found out that he'd actually hurt his ribs.

I always enjoyed being around him and I'll really miss him. But I'm glad hes not in pain anymore.

Sunday, Hubb crashed the van. He's ok ^-^ Thank goodness, but the van.....not so much. He said he was coming down a hill and felt like he was going too fast even though the speedometer showed him going normal speed. He could see water on the road ahead and thought he needed to slow down. So he lightly tapped the breaks and immediately knew it wasn't going to be good. He was lucky though and managed to keep a small amount of control over the van. He didn't hit anyone else on the road but he did hit a light pole and took out a phone box. The van looks like someone with their nose broken.

Lots of the engine parts got all shifted around, the on-board computer cracked, and the frames tweaked. See the way the rim on the tires bent in at an angle, the hood mimics that angle so they think that the van was on two wheels at the point it hit the pole.

But in the end all is ok, it's funny, I dislike the van a ton....I never ever ever wanted to drive a van and still don't.....but it worked for us. And it's going to be hard to replace. Mostly because were in the middle of me changing jobs and Hubb going to an interview tomorrow to switch from working overnights to a traveling job.

Hubb wants to replace it with a conversion van. One from the 80s. I kicked him. lol. No offense if you own one, I mean shoot, I loved the one we drove to Florida in when I was a kiddo...but I'm just not in on driving one. He said I wouldn't have to if we got it, I could drive the car and we'd only use the van for trips. Then his idea was that it would be big enough I could use it when I went to art shows........and I reminded him ever so gently that I would have to drive it for that to happen......

It's been a little crazy here lately, but hopefully once things settle down here I can dive back into my supplies.


Denise Felton said...

Mercy, girl! You need a break, fer sher!

idyll hands said...

Say NO to the conversion van. Uh, blame it on the amount of gas it would use.

However, some of them are quite nice, with checkers boards and tvs - so maybe you should consider it? :)