Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm entering a contest ^-^

So I saw information on a local book being put together by the Dem Gaz and a book company that I thought I'd enter. ^-^ Its going to be a book full of photos from all around the state.

So I entered a few tonight and I may enter a good bit more tomrrow depending on my afternoon, but what this post is really about is a request.

If you wouldn't mind....I'd love it if you clicked that pretty little button over there with some of my photos in it and voted away. Don't feel like you just have to vote for me though! Vote for every photo you like. Believe me it's hard to break away from though. I've been voting for an hour!

Anywho, thanks in advance if you decide to vote for me. ^-^ It would be so cool to be in a book! Oh! And enter yourself if you have any photos you'd like to contribute. (then whisper my direction and I'll pass a vote to you too ^-~ ) As long as the photos from Arkansas they are more than happy to have it!


Denise Felton said...

Whoa! This is major! Thank you so much for the heads-up!

dogwood said...

Ooooh, good luck! I'm gonna go vote right now!