Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little froggy guy got featured ^-^

The very sweet littlewishes contacted me and said, Hey chicka! I put you in a treasury ^-~ Ok perhaps not those words, but you get what I mean.

It was a cute frog treasury!

So cute, I just love them all. I've always had a fondness for frogs.

Anywho, thought I'd share my joy.

Back to work, I'm trying to get lots done this week so that next week while the kiddos are away at VBS and staying with their grandparents, I can do some serious fun stuff. Like painting a room, and actually hanging pictures without worrying about waking the kiddos or a little someone trying to help out. ^-~


dogwood said...

congrats... that's a cute treasury

Craft Junkie said...

Ahhh, peace and quiet is heavenly, isn't it? It just puts me in the creative mood. I can't help but wonder when I will get some of it around my house. lol

Enjoy yours!