Friday, March 28, 2008

Ok, I'm so swamped, but you know me.....

I love swaps!

I gravitated towards a large one recently and had a blast putting together enough items to send out (I can't wait to see what comes back! I mean 20 surprises?! What fun ^-^ )

Then theres the very cool recycle swap in the ArEtsy group. Which has been a mess. I mean I keep making things thinking, Oh! This'll be great! Then I either hate it....or don't want it to leave my house......^-~

I have a doll I'm supposed to be making a fellow poppeteer, but I keep missing the fur when I go to the store. Either the wrong dye lot (to match what I already have here) or theres just one on the shelf. Of course, had I bought the one last time then next time I'd only need one.....Doh!

Today I saw a PIF over on Sugarbug's blog that seemed like fun ^-^ So I jumped in. Not thinking....uh Hey lady! You've got a house to get ready to put on the market.....but Meh, it's all in fun!

So heres the deal, now that I've rambled a bit, The first three folks to comment on this post that they'd like to enter the PIF fun gets a present in the mail from me. Whats the catch? You've got to PIF as well! (Don't know what in the world PIF means?
Pay It Forward means you got a fun freebie, now you do the same for three other lucky folks!)
So the first three who pop in here and say, Hey! I'd love to play the PIF game get a surprise in the mail from me. (I'll pay shipping and everything, you just do the same for some other lucky goose! Or geese in this matter.)

***Feel free to nab the lil image there and pop it on your blog. ^-^ ***


ParrotiseBeads said...

I'd love to PIF! Very cool idea! I know this is several days old, but hope I'm not too late. Geez, I'm slow :o) I haven't written on my blog in at least a month and this will make me do it!

Ekio Locatiare said...

Yay ^-^ No not too late ^-~ I was going to give it a few more days since I get a small bit of traffic here and I know most of the teams busy right now!

Craft Junkie said...

What a wonderful idea. I found you through a post of yours on Craftster and had to come check your blog out...and lookie what I found. YEA!

I'd love to PIF (one of my fav movies, too, btw) so count me in. I have some goodies I'd love to send out to others, I'm going to post my PIF (although I have no readers as of yet) on my blog, too. Be sure and come see me, too.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Yay a second ^-^ I've got to finish up a swap I started in the middle of this post and then I'll be able to ship out some goodies. hehe!