Saturday, March 1, 2008

Treasure Chest.

I've had a single (extra large one ^-^) sitting on my spindle for oh I guess over a week or so now and it's fairly well set itself. I've been meaning to ply it but just had one thing or another come up or my wrist would start hurting me and I wouldn't feel like doing it.

Last night I said, Hmpf! I'm finishing that! Helps that I'd finally decided what I was plying it with. *chuckles* So I started plying it with thread and little beads. At the half mark I started using large chunky beads with some medium sized ones mixed in. Then I folded it at the half and plied it back onto itself in a very loose ply. I adore it and can't wait to use it for something.

I know it's not really knit able as it's as big as my index finger as a single and then you double that since I plied it, but it will make a neat non knitted scarf or some interesting jewelry or perhaps even a mermaids hair. Overall I just can't wait to spin something new. ^-^

I've ordered some more roving, black green and then some white so I can possibly try my hand at dying. If nothing else the white may become some little dreads that I dip into kool-aid to dye the ends. ^-~


TheTwistedPurl said...

LOVE this! So very pretty! Don't write off it's "knitablity" so fast! Pick up some size 35's or 50's and watch the magic happen. You are doing an amazing job on spinning. Really love the color combination.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Thanks ^-^ I don't knit so I might pass it off to my mother in law to knit up something pretty for me, but I'm really thinking deconstructed scarf. Right now I'm just carting it around. *laughs*