Friday, March 7, 2008

Pic heavy post. ^-~

First off, theres my surprise today! Johnny our mail man got a stern bark from Lily as he had to stand there more than a moment to put the packages in my mail box. One package was the yarn I ordered the other day. (So fast!) The other was my surprise from the ArEtsy swap we've got going on right now.

I'm so in love with this mini scrapbook that BeeHive made me! And the cool little snake family will make the boys grin. They made me grin! ^-~

Whats cool about this swap was the rules. Had to be stuff you wouldn't just grab out of your supply box, but stuff you've recycled into something cool. I'm still working on mine to send out. Its evolved as I've thought it out.

This mini album as Beehive told me was made from some cords, a belt, sandwich bags, old post cards, bottle caps and a shoe lace! I'm amazed. I keep flipping through it. ^-^

Check out her store here and her blog here! She's so talented. ^-^

The forecasters called for a huge chunk of snow for today and while we didn't get the 8in they said we might, we did get some more snow ^-^

The boys haven't been out in it yet today as it just now stopped snowing. I take that back, its still snowing, but just not a steady almost looked like rain fall snow. But I've run out to take a few pictures.

Heres a bird I caught hanging out in one of our bushes.

The amount of snow thats blown up onto my porch is crazy. The snow was just blowing the right direction though because as I opened my front door it came right in. *laughs*
Heres an update on the next yarn I'm spinning from fabric. It was a large cut of blue mottled (painted/tie dyed/or something like that) silky fabric. I've hardly made a dent in it and I've spun quite a few yards already. Each little cut piece is over 2 yards long so it will be a good sized skein!

The last thing I've done in the past couple of days is try to make some yarn falls. (Dread falls) I've always loved crazy funky hair and though I like to have normal hair for most outings, I do have some punk urges. ^-~ So I've been playing with some scrap yarn to learn what weights and how much to put on each fall. The one here is going to be one of two but for now its just one.

I've got to finish the other side so I can do buns and cover them. I want to make a few that braid in like normal dreads but I like the idea that I can just tie in falls and take them out when I need to.

So thats my picture heavy post and an idea of what I've been up to in the past couple of days. Back to work!


Nikki said...

Oh! How did you make the falls? I've always wanted to do that and those look amazing.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Aww, thanks ^-^ They are a bit thin so I'm still learning but they are also only meant for one half of my hair and that ones trying to cover all of it in one bun. *chuckles*

I will post a tute when I get done making these,(but they are super easy this way ^-^) my second ones are going to be felted roving!