Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Productivity and a Steal at the thrift shop.

I for some reason got really productive yesterday afternoon and made a bunch of jewelry stuff. Mostly earrings and all for a swap I'm in. Lots of sterling silver in there. ^-^
Then today I decided to swing by our local Goodwill. Every so often they have something I need or want and today was a surprise. I wandered back by their "craft stuff" section and dug in the 50cents a yard baskets. I found some fun prints and some soft silky stuff thats going to make some really cool projects when I get done with it.

My favorite of the prints though is the light blue one here.

These three are vintage I think. They feel it, but as I haven't seen any marks yet I can't assure that they are vintage. But they sure feel like the older calico's you find. ^-^

Theres some samples from a company in there in some vibrant colors and a cute turtle pattern piece that I'll probably use for the boys. I'm excited to get to use them all though! I paid 7.50 for the lot and I know the silky blue piece would have cost me that in store. ^-^ I love thrifting!


Punkinhead said...

Oh the joy of cheap fabric!! I picked up a ton of stuff recently from a thrift store near me, and again today, a great little pile for less than 10 bucks. I'll have to put up a few photos on my blog when I can get some taken.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Its very exciting ^-^ I've got it in my head to run to the large thrift store in town tomorrow as its their 50cent on a certain color tag day and I want some more fabric to blend with these, he he.