Monday, December 31, 2007

A Happy New Year and ArEtsy

I grabbed hold of a treasury this morning and wanted to showcase Aretsy again.

So without further ado.....

Oh and heres the link if you want to go straight to it.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! In 08 I hope to get better at the many things I dabble at now, as well as try a few new things. I would also like to lose a little weight, and figure out why my dog is so smelly! *Holding nose, really, they decided to lay at my feet today and smell like they rolled in poo....0-o*

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Here at my house, the tree is trimmed, the fireplace is warm...even though we've now fixed the heater (little happy dance here) and yummy smells are wafting out of the oven.

Ahh Christmas.

I snagged a treasury this morning,

Well back to baking ^-^ Hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiny little rant.

Ok, got one of those great little items I ordered in today and while I think they are great (though a little smaller than I remember thinking they were going to be...but I'm awful at not reading a size, lol) they came in a box with packing peanuts.

Can I just say how much I dispise the things? I don't mind the biodegradable ones, as even if I let the kids use them as art work and somewhere down the line they get tossed *you know, that omg i've got to clean out some of these art projects or I'll be swimming in the piles of paper around here clean outs* they will just melt away.

These are the non bio ones. The funky ones that leave little bits of styro on you that float around your house forever. The ones that squeak.

Sigh. We will use them in a project but I will still feel awful about them. And you know what that means, they will be sitting in my storage boxes until I die, then my kids can look at them and laugh. Hopefully by that time they will have found a way to delete these things without harming other things. 0-o.

Thats all..I'm off my soapbox.

Baby its Cold outside!

Goodness! It's chilly outside today ^-^

Especially since the moter that turns the fan in our heater went out. So while it lights and trys to heat the house...the fan just makes a funny noise and dies.

Thank goodness for our fireplace! Hubb's going to get some more wood as our supply from last year has dwindled since yesterday morning. Our house is very old and no one's replaced the windows, so we get all sorts of drafts. We had just talked about getting the film to cover the windows again the other day and hadn't done it yet. But you can bet as soon as I can get to it those puppies are going to be shrink wrapped!

For now were curling up under blankets, drinking lots of warm drinks like cocoa and tea and keeping the fire stoked. ^-^

Thankfully Hubb's dad is coming down Sat and will be able to fix it, provided they can find a motor for the silly thing. (It's OLD. Trane no longer has the unit on their website old.)

We got our lights up last night so I'll post pictures of that when I get done. It always makes the house look so cozy. Even if it is only 65 in here! ^-~

Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture time!

I decided that even if my family reads my blog....they won't really know what they are getting as I'm only sharing one thing I made with the fabric.

I got the other stuff done...but haven't photographed it yet. So anywho...heres the pincushion I made myself since I screwed up one of the other ideas...and it turned into this! ^-^

Then theres my Christmas Tree. See that candy cane hanging off the left? Thats a hand made knotted one from my grandmother on my dads side. And that fun little snowflake right in the middle? Thats from my grandmother on my mom's side. I have sets of each and neither has made any for years. I love them.

Oh yeah..that ballerina. She's from my mom, I danced for 12 years. Most of that ballet. I'd have a whole tree of ballerina ornaments if I put them all up. She's just my fav.

Then there's my latest painting to list. It's not the newest one I've done, but it's one I never can photograph right. Its a floral grouping. Kind of like a puzzle, I promise to send the key to whomever buys it, it is six 5x5 square canvas blocks. They can hang or sit. though sitting I wouldn't stack them all up right like I have them here. They are propped up against a candle stick. Hence the photoshoping.

Last but not least. Jess. I keep wanting to call her Pim and I get evil looks. She's going up for sale.

Oh by the way...these are all taken in my new photo studio box. Not sure how much I like it actually. I'm having to do a lot of photo shopping to make pictures I would consider good. These just break even. But this is my first time playing with it. The lights are nice. I think I had them too close.

Back to working! I need to wrap some gifts. Not just the ones that came yesterday but also the ones that arrived today! Still more on the way, so don't want to lose something in the mix. ^-^

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot. In one of yesterdays packages, I got the cutest little extra! A bundle of roving in this fab sherbert coloring! Just had to share!

I miss the old days.


You know Wal-Mart is chopping their fabric departments out of their stores. They've already taken it out of some and as they rebuild/remodel the older ones, they are slowly filtering them out. This makes me very sad.

I love one stop shopping places. Don't get me wrong, just like every other gal, I like to shop. When I've got my kids in tow, I'd rather pick it all up in one stop than to have to run to 4 shops to get things. My boys tend to fall asleep in between and then its a hassle to get them to be happy when we get to the new place.

So I started thinking. I miss the Sears Catalog. Not the silly glossy ones they send out these days...if they still do, I'm not a fan of Sears around here....You know what I mean, the old fashioned one you found in those general stores.

Thats what Sam Walton's idea was when he started wal-mart. The good old general store.

I want the real Sears Catalog back. If Wal-Mart's going the way of Target, I want a real general store back.

Call me old fashioned, call me cheep. I'll admit to them both. I just really appreciate a place I can get it all done at once. Especially with the gas prices these days!

Oh and I want those big glass jars with the shiny candies in them back too. While your at it...can I have a soda fountain? Guess I better get started building that small town in the middle of nowhere huh. ^-~

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh My. My mailbox just got overloaded. ^-^

Poor Johnny, our mailman, he was sticking them in the best he could and still had to stack a couple of things on the ledge. *laughs*

So quite a few of the funky fun items I ordered got here today! Now I'm waiting for the next wave. I've found most of my gifts on Etsy this year and couldn't be happier.

Now if I could just finish the ones I'm making....then get them all wrapped. O-o

Oh and I got a great freebie in one! Some wild roving and a big group of cupons for etsy sellers in a team! I know some folks get frustrated with all that extra in their package and just want what they ordered....but I couldn't be happier. ***AaaaahChoo!*** Now If I could just get rid of these sniffles. ^-^

I need a hot bath

Really. Please? What if I bat my eyes and pout my lip? Later you say....I can handle that. ^-^

I snagged a treasury this morning and since a nice warm soak is on my mind...I went with that as a theme.

After the Rush.

Any of these yummy treats for the senses would be welcome in my home. Purr....

I've still been killing my sewing machine, so no new pics yet of anything for the shop. But I am going to try to photograph one or two of the items to share.

Oh and Mimi's new friend Jess. Shes a little bit voodoo and a little bit punk. ^-~

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little bit new necklace

I love adding an old piece of jewelry to a new one. Something about finding a discarded item at a yard-sale,estate sale, or even a thrift store and then giving it new life makes me smile.

I've got a box of broken pieces of jewelery, or things that were considered outdated, or perhaps just not made for that person. The other day a dig through the box brought inspiration. A pair of old clip on earrings and one broken broach soon became a necklace fit for any steampunk/newvictorian garb.

It's fall, its warm and inviting, and yes while I know its winter where most of us are, lingering leaves still remind me of the warm weather that was just a week ago.

No seriously a week ago. Can I have that back please?! Bitter wind and I don't get along. ^-~

*Ps. The model here is the lone pumpkin that has been hanging around since before Halloween. He's just enjoying the view from my porch I suppose. He was lucky, or unlucky how ever you look at it, enough to have escaped my carving excitement and has held a firm standing against the weather and cats. And kids and squirrels and what not. Anywho, he's here to stay 'till he feels like it!*

**Pss. I updated the Mimi post with her picture, so if you want to see what the little scamp looks like, scroll on down ^-^**

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A homemade holiday

Well sorta.

I have quite a few gifts I'm working towards. I always find couples gifts hard. You either buy something for each of them, or do a combined gift. Then who gets to open it? What if one half likes it and the other doesn't. Blah. Oh well, still making them.

Wha? you want to know what I'm making? Tough cookie. I'm not showing til after i gift them ^-^ Because...well I've shared my etsy shop with my family *Who doesn't!* and as I have my blog posted there, I would bet they'd saunter over here. So with the off chance I'd spoil the surprise...I'll be keeping those secrets.

Though believe me, I'll be posting a large post when the gifts reach their homes. ^-~

Oh and on the other secret hand...I've got a project that I'm testing out right now that might just spur a new product! I can't wait to see if it turns out ^-^ *giggles with glee*

With that, I'm off and running toward what looks to be my cowering sewing machine ^-~

Monday, December 3, 2007

Treasury time!

I waited for a treasury today. I popped in to check them out and it was only a few from batch time. So I hung out a bit. Was sure it would crash as there were 410 people watching, but it didn't!

Wasn't really sure what I wanted to make this one about, but ended up typing in Sage and Satin. Satin being for a creamy color as I didn't really think Sage and Cream sounded as nice.

So heres what I came up with.

Boy was cream/satin ever hard to come up with. Mostly body lotions. Which are not always the prettiest photos. Nothing against them, but after 40 or so tops of cream containers....I was out.

Oh and I left the alternates open so you could see what might pop in if someone gets an item purchased. *crosses fingers for folks* Plus its not fair if they don't, then they are just sitting there. -_-

I think it turned out pretty. Hopefully front page material. I think that would just be so cool, to pop open etsy and find my treasury on the front. Shoot or to find myself on the front! I think I'd just keel over. *chuckles*