Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a note.

I don't normally cross post my blogs or even tell people about the others, I like my other lives secret. ^-~, but today I'm frustrated. So I'm sharing a bit of a rant on one of my other blogs. It's been made for just that, ranting. Not a sole actually reads it (or at least that I know of no ones ever commented and I'm rarely over there) so feel free to ignore it as well.

It's about the scare we had about two weeks ago and whats happened since. But again it's a rant, with words I can't say outloud anymore (I have little ears in the house ^_^) so not really anyone friendly.

Check it here if you want to. I wouldn't mind another thought on the subject, but do understand, it's a rant blog. It's not got many posts and its rarely a. updated b. read.

And its another side of me that not everyone cares for so fair warning.

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