Monday, February 4, 2008

Ah Spring

I've been feeling a bit more like I want to get out and plant some things, but I know it will have to wait a while. The weather here is a mess. ^-^ Today it was in the 70's but by the end of the week it promises to be chilly again. Who knows.

In the spirit of spring I felt like making a new banner for my shop. Its the same as the one above us here, and its a bit on the different side. But it's fresh and I like that.

Plus I've been going the spring route with the new jewelry pieces I've been making.

Heres a sampling. ^-~

This last piece I've been trying to figure out how to finish off. It's made to be worn with a ribbon or something but I just haven't found the right set up for it yet. Same theme though.

And as for the rest of my crafting....I've got a poppet in the works (the dolls) but I just haven't had the time to clean out my machine before I can start. Felting wise I've kind of hit a stand still. Partially because I've been so wrapped up in the moving out of my husband. (Not a bad thing 0-0, he's just working for a bit in the area were going to be moving to soon. Getting things set up as it were.)

Oh and I've been itching to pick up spinning. So with the profits of the last few sales, I'm buying a small drop spindle to try it out. I've got a stash of roving so I can start with that. It just looks like too much fun!

Anywho, off to bed now, sleepy sleepy and all that.

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