Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A joyful blurb on my sick day ^-^

Our house for the past few days has been nothing but coughs and couch lazy time. I've done some spinning but other than that it's been mostly sit and be covered by kids.

Which is why I was nearly skipping from my front door to the table when my ArEtsy Valentines Swap package got here today. ^-^ Nothing makes a sick lady feel better than jewelry. Ok, maybe not all ladies, but absolutely this one!

Heres the goodies I received today from my fabulous swap partner Vicki of Parrotise Beads.

A lovely pair of earrings *In just my colors! I can't wait to get to wear them.* And a very cute, very fun cell phone charm that has a story of its own.
You can check her out at

Now on to the yarn ^-^ I started a single the other day and it finally finished drying out this morning. So I snapped a few shots of the small but pretty skien.

The second one is still hanging out on the spindle as I want to ply it but haven't figured out a. exactly how and b. with what yet. So here's a preview.

It's the same roving, so not much difference, except I made this yarn a good bit thicker than the other and want to ply it with something tiny.

What I am finding is that apparently I'm in a bit of a blue green kick these days and I think it may have started with this photo I took in game recently.

I've been struck by this outfit and I can't quite get peacock feathers out of my head. *chuckles as she realizes she recently added a peacock feather to her banner......*

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