Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just had to share...

I really love a good fresh fruit smoothie and every so often I get the urge to make one. Now I make one every couple of days for the kiddos, it includes carrots and fruits and what ever good stuff I can include for them. Gotta get the good stuff in where I can. ^-~

Today I wanted to make one that I would enjoy as well (I'm not a fan of carrots in mine, they make it too gritty for me. 0-o) so I started grabbing the fruit bags from the freezer. Well its nearly stock up time again so I used what I could get ahold of and just hoped it would be yummy. It was!

So heres my new smoothie recipe.

3 spoon fulls of honey.
2 shakes of cinnamon. (My shakes are fairly good shakes, and my containers got good sized holes. So I suppose it'd be about 1tsp but you don't have to use that much)

One large chunk of frozen berry mix. (this one has ras, blue, and black berries in it)

1 Philly Swirl blueberry flavored. I(t comes in a pack of 6 or so different flavor mixes, they are in the ice cream section but are a non dairy shaved ice sort of thing. I was just using it for the ice and the blueberry flavor. I don't like to add a bunch of ice chunks as it makes it harder to blend and my lil guy is afraid of the blender.)

1 Frusion Strawberry Banana yougurt smoothie. It's cheap, its a filler and it tastes good.

Blend until smooth as you like.

Now most of the things I use I keep around, but you may not have the specific brands, any yogurt or yogurt smoothie will do, I like the smoothies better because they are liquid and i don't have to add extra juice. But I've used all kinds in these. The shaved ice thingy, really any sort of ice and flavor mix works, even if its adding blueberries and ice cubes.

Just play with it. ^-^ I like this mix the best out of all I've made lately because the hint of cinnamon kept popping up and making it interesting. Not to sweet and not to tangy, it was a hit with both the kids and myself.

*^-~ And it means I got my fruits in for the day. he he.

0-0......I grabbed my camera to shoot a few shots of the yummy stuff before it was all gone and got spooked when I went to edit the photos! Apparently something else likes my drink.



Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

ooooooo! Definitly something in there! I hope you waved garlic over the glass and said 'boogidy-boogidy' before drinking it.

(one too many years working day care with 3 year olds :-) )

Ekio Locatiare said...

he he, nah it was the very last of what had been in the blender, so I shook it up, closed my eyes and drank it fast.


idyll hands said...


Looks like a ghosty head in there.