Monday, August 15, 2011

Tutorial: Interchangeable Headband Designs!

When I received an interchangeable headband in a swap recently it got me in the mood to make some more fun things for my quite useful headband. 
 So I decided I'd share this simple and yet great for kids who wear headbands idea! Of course this isn't just for those with kids, but any of us who love to add a little something extra to our outfits. 
First thing grab some printed fabric {or felt which I have here} that inspires you. 
After that you can just start playing with design themes or if one of your prints has a certain shape you like, go with that.  I had a piece of felt with hearts on it, so I wanted to play off that. 
Originally I had wanted to use the polka dot felt underneath the heart, but the print was too large. So back to the stash I went! 
 Deciding on something a little more wild, I cut out three heart shapes. 

Play around with your layering. My first thought had been to stack the three as they ascended in size slightly. However after stacking, I decided I didn't like that enough and went with something more off kilter. 

Next I grabbed my button jar. It's always full of goodies and I love adding them to projects. 
I thought about metal studs, or even rhinestones but decided to keep this one a little less glitz. 

After deciding how I wanted the buttons to sit on the hearts, I stitched them down. I also stitched the hearts together so that they wouldn't be too floppy but would still lay softly. 

The last step is to snip a hole/line just big enough for your headband of choice to go through. Mine is very slim and slick so I used my smallest scissors to cut a slit. 

After that, just slide it on the headband and wear! 

You can do this in any shape or size. Adding feathers, using fun foam, ribbon bows anything you can create a small space for the headband to slip through will work. 

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