Friday, March 11, 2011

A Grrrreat find.

Ok, so I love to thrift shop. And I'm usually one to pass by the frames/art section as I like finding little old illustrations for my bathroom which is dog themed. {It was the only place I could find that matched my golden retriever portrait when we moved in. It's just kind of grown since then.....}

I've been avoiding the thrift shops and the only shopping I've been doing lately is grocery, but today I had a donation built up so I of course went in afterwards ^_~

To my surprise I spotted a well drawn tiger cub illustration. Not dogs, so I passed it up at first. Something about it kept drawing me back though. I noticed that the signature on it was done in pencil first and since it was fairly nicely albiet old style framed, I googled the artist.

When I didn't even have to finish typing the artists name {read, got the first letter of the last name in and it found it....} I grabbed it. Scanned the google finds and decided it was mine.

Come to find out, at least from what I know so far, the artist{William Timym} was well known for his bronze sculptures in the UK. He even has one at the St. Louis zoo here in the US. A well known cartoonist in the UK during the 50's through the 70's his work even spun off toys.

Basically it's an awesome find for me. ^_^ I don't care if it's worth less than the $1.99 I paid for it. {Which I really doubt as it doesn't seem to be a print, I can see the pencil lines underneath the ink lines on the tigers not just the signature!} It's a piece of a varied artists history. And I love it.

Now I'm just trying to hunt down more about it. {skitters back to google}

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