Thursday, January 27, 2011

A what?

A friend posted on FB that she knew someone who was trying to rehome an angora bunny.
As a yarn enthusiast {That's a nice word for obsessed} I was immediately interested. 

One email pop to Hubb later and his response was. " The dog's will eat it." 
Which could be true....

I doubt they'd actually eat the sweet little thing, but they would most likely terrorize it a good bit for the first 8000 times they saw it. 

You see we have Newfoundland mixes. One old, one young. Lilly the older girl would probably see it as she does the cats " one of her babies." However. Ben would most likely think of it as a toy. 
A bouncing moving on it's own, interesting smelling toy. 

Which would be bad. So the bun.....yeah, it's a no go.

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